Monday, 22 December 2014

CO2 lowers the global temperature. Lima Accord defunct!     Dr Pierre Latour shows using basic physics that the physics of radiating gases like CO2 lowers the global temperature  by about  -.086c/per doubling of CO2

The Lima Accord
                                      based  on the false assumption that the use of fossil fuel based CO2 will raise the global temperature the Lima Accord lacks legally binding requirements that force any of the signers to cut emissions by any particular amount.  Each country sets its own goals and timetables. Without legally binding language requiring significant cuts, countries can put forth weak plans amounting to little more than lip service.  For example one country could commit to cap---not cut---its emissions after 2050 and still be a party to the agreement. Another country could agree to cut emissions per unit of energy used over time, which would happen  naturally as energy technologies become more efficient or old power plants are replaced by new ones, but it would not have to agree to any real cuts.   No emission reduction commitment large or meager, is backed with the force of international law.  There are no penal ties for failure to meet greenhouse gas reduction commitments.  The Accord relies on peer pressure or shaming to convince nations who will quite possibly be led by very different governing parties in the future.

                         The 9000 delegates established a huge usage of fossil fuels to get to Lima, a waste of time and money.  As Christopher Booker in the Telegraph noted it was the Greenpeace vandals who provided a welcome diversion from the Lima gathering. Indeed these so called "environmentalists" desecrated Peru`s most sacred world heritage site by trampling over the 1500 year old Nazca Lines, a shocking disrespect to Peru heritage.  They now face the possibility of six years in jail.
            (Reports Daily Telegraph,  Heartland Institute)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Both temperature and CO2 much higher than present for 80 percent of last 600 million years

From Scotese  Professor of Geology University of Texas.     This negates the claims of the IPCC about levels being the highest since records began.   The"records"they refer to  are only the instrument readings which only began 1850.  The above graphic is the result of the use of proxies such as ice cores.  The alarmists statements are to scare the population.  Their statements are a deliberate deception and down right lies.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

IPCC claim of increasing atmospheric CO2 causing global warming total nonsense! Proof see latest PSI report.

     Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is not causing global warming.  On 16 September 2012 the Arctic sea ice extent set a record minimum, since satellite recording began in 1979, of 3.41 million sq kms(1).  Two years later on 22 September 2014 the Antarctic sea ice extent set a record maximum of 20.11 million sq. kms(2)..   These events corroborate the trends in the satellite lower tropospheric temperature for the polar regions, latitudes 60 degrees to 85 degrees.(see Dr Roy Spencer`s web site(3))..   The data extends from December 1978 until October 2014, a period of 36 years.  It shows the North Polar region having had a rate of rise in average monthly temperature of 0.044096 deg C pa  while the South Polar regions had a rate of fall in temperature of 0.00014 deg C pa.

In contrast data from the station closest to the north pole at Alert  NW Canada(4) provides average monthly atmospheric CO2 measurements with a trend of +1.673 ppm pa for the period July 1975 to Dec 2013.  Data from the NOAA station at the south pole(5) gave  an almost identical trend +1.672ppm   pa for the recording period 1978 to 2013.

The north pole satellite temperature trend equates to a rise in temperature of 1.54336 deg C in 35 years while the Alert trend line equates to a rise in CO2 of 58.57ppm or 17.39%.
 The south pole satellite temperature trend equates to a drop in temperature of 0.0049 deg C in 35 years period while the NOAA data trend line equates to a rise in CO2 of 58.52ppm or 17.47%.   Trend line calculations are quoted here because of the difference in seasonal variations between the north and south poles due to the large differences in land area and vegetation cover which generates those variations.                                                                                                 So here is clear evidence that not only does increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration not cause global warming of the earth surface, as exhibited by the south polar region, but the surface temperature is independent of a change in CO2 .   The IPCC claim of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration causing global warming is patently false!  

PSI report by Bevan Dockery PSI Researcher


Thursday, 4 December 2014

NCEP temperature data at odds with alarmist predictions!

NCEP = National Centre for Environmental Prediction(Part of NOAA).    Acknowledgement to (P Gosselin).

Greenhouse gases are not needed! The sun does it all! Stefan Boltzmann equation

                      The IPCC alarmists assume that the earth is flat and that the sun shines 24/7. However we live on a sphere rotating once every 24 hours. the earth is not flat and the sun does not shine at night. Solar energy input is 1370w/m2. Reduce for albedo(0.3) so adsorption is 1370x7/10 = 960w/m2.  This to be divided over a hemisphere so the average is 480w/m2 which is more than enough for 33 celsius. This completely negates the IPCC assumption that but for greenhouse gases the earth surface would be 33 degrees colder! also most of the energy interchange on the earth is by conduction, convection and latent heat exchange----not by radiation.  It is water vapour that causes the mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures to be lower because its radiating properties work against the gravitationally induced temperature gradient in the troposphere.  this lowers the gradient and thus lowers the supporting temperature by about 10 to 12 degrees

                 (Stefan Boltzmann equation for hemisphere:
                                        480=sigmaT4    sigma=5.67x10-8.   this gives T as about 316K more than enough for 33 celsius.  greenhouse gases are not needed!)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Real Consensus

   Acknowledgements to Joanne Nova in Australia and to wattsupwiththat blog

Monday, 24 November 2014

Climate sticking points: China and Germany more coal plant on the way!

           Nuclear Delays may nullify Obama US-China deal:  The recent US China deal on climate which allows China to do nothing until 2030 and US consumers to suffer further reduction in their standard of living with large energy price increases, may come unstuck reports Reuters (David Stanway 21/11/14).  The slow pace of the nuclear development plan in China may mean China will continue to depend on coal based fossil fuels for a long time to come. Government backed strategists in China estimate that 200GW of nuclear is needed in China by 2030, up from 18GW now.  However state building nuclear companies could build 10GW per year but  they have been held back by regulators especially after the 2011 Fukushima crisis in Japan.  The official 2020 target in China now stands at 58GW which would require around 40 nuclear reactors to go into operation in the next six years--a task thought to be beyond China.   The Obama China deal looks doomed but the US consumer will continue to suffer with high electricity prices.  

              Germany Desperate For More Coal Power To Keep Lights On.   This is the heading in the London Sunday Times 23/11/14.   The energy giant RWE which owns Npower in Britain together with others have poured billions of euros into a fleet of new coal fired electricity plants in Germany.  One plant alone will cost a massive £1.6billion. Governments from Berlin to Madrid and London are scaling back the huge subsidies for renewables introduced over the last decade. The shale gas boom in the US is having an affect.  This year Germany slashed taxpayer support for solar and wind energy by a quarter.  However in spite of the promises by "green" politicians that energy bills will decrease that is not happening in Germany.  In fact over the decade when renewables exploded onto the energy scene the German annual household bills have increased by a massive two thirds to 1020 euros. More than half the bill is now made up of taxes and ever rising green charges.  The same is happening in Britain where the situation is also worsening for consumers because of the green levies backed by the greenie UK politicians.                


Saturday, 15 November 2014

P Gosselin: 35 Degrees Below Zero and Cold Spreads! Coldest December for 100 years?

                    P Gosselin reports on his blog that not only is North America bracing for a possible near record setting cold from the Arctic but Siberia has also been reporting massive snow cover and widespread cold.  The dead of winter is still two months away!  Two weeks ago Siberian snow cover and cold was already close to record highs.  About 14 million square kilometers of snow blanketed Siberia at the end of October, the second highest since 1967 according to Rutgers snow lab.
                    The first migrating Siberian swans landed in Britain heralding the belated arrival of winter.  Each year around 300 Bewick swans flock to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve at Slimbridge, Glostershire after flying 2500 km from Arctic Russia. Their arrival is the latest for 45 years after weather experts Exacta Weather have predicted the possibility of the coldest December for 100 years. (you will not read this from some of the Global Warming "experts" who write for the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph.)   100 year snow records have been broken across the South Eastern US on 31 October and 1 November.  It was the earliest and heaviest snow in several  places since records have been kept dating as far back as 1880.  Reduced sun spot count shows Solar hibernation is occurring along with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation(PDO) showing a cooling Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation (AMO).  When are the liars who write for the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph going to report the truth?

US Republicans reject Obama`s lying "climate" deal.

    Having been heavily defeated in the US Mid term elections with the Democratic party suffering its worst drubbing for decades Obama snubs his nose at the democratic process and proceeds to "use" China for his own devious ends.  Senate minority leader McConnell and house speaker Boehner both rejected such a deal which requires China to do nothing for sixteen years while the US suffers with unnecessary carbon dioxide regulations destroying its economy and making the poor poorer still. You are a liar Mr Obama.The only people who support you are the British monarchy and the Guardian.
               The latest scientific paper from the Netherlands Institute for Atmospheric Research reveals that of the 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere a mere 15ppm comes from human burning of fossil fuels.  The remainder comes from natural sources such as plant decomposition in equatorial regions and ocean de-gassing.  (Supported by the two leading atmospheric physicists in the world, Professor Richard Lindzen(US) and Professor Murry Salby(Australia). There will be votes on a resolution disavowing Obama`s new commitments in both the House and Senate early in the 114th Congress. That will complicate the State Department`s plans to announce its commitments to the Paris accord in 2015. (Myron Ebell  12 November 2014).

          Report by Terri Jackson Msc MPhil    Founder of the Energy and Climate Group Institute of Physics, London.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mad Men of Climate Alarmism

 With acknowledgements to cartoonist Josh and artist Steve Brodner

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Austrian DailyNewspaper:: "Huge ice growth--not seen in decades"!

  The Austrain online Kronen Zeitung reports on the sudden growth in polar sea ice.   It says " a huge growth in ice at the poles has surprised scientists and is casting questions.  For the prophets of climate change the new figures pose questions: At the poles of mother earth, in complete contradiction  to prognoses of a complete polar melt, there is an ice growth like one not seen in decades".The Kronen Zeitung reports that Antarctic sea ice is growing at an average annual rate of 16500 square kilometres since 2007.  The case is much the same for Arctic sea ice the Austrian daily reports. (first revealed by P Gosselin on www.notrickszone .com on15 October 2014).
         The KZ mentions the surprise of the NSIDC(National Snow and Ice data Centre) in Colorado. Climate science has been turned on its head globally.  They report that the climate models have failed in that they predicted the very opposite to happen. They quote Professor Anastasios Tsonis of the University of Wisconsin who says there are many factors at play including currents, winds, precipitation and the upper and lower water layers. A slowdown in solar activity may be
playing a major role on the climate. The liars in the media and the unprincipled politicians have been exposed!  When is the Guardian going to report this?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

John Coleman founder of the weather channel in the US: man made climate change is a lie!!

                               John Coleman one of the world`s top climatologists claims that man made climate change is nothing but a lie!(see report by Jason Taylor in the Express on line Thursday 23 October, .uk).   John Coleman who founded the Weather Channel in the US and one of the world`s top climatologists said that the theory of man made climate change was no longer scientifically credible..  He says that rising global temperatures points to a natural phenomena within a developing eco system.   In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change he wrote:  "The ocean is not rising significantly , the polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar bears are increasing in number.  Heat waves have actually diminished not increased!   There is not an upturn in the number of storms , in fact storms are diminishing."  According to Coleman man made climate change is a myth.  He goes on to say
                  " I have studied climate change seriously for years.  It has become a political and environmental agenda item but the science is not valid".   Coleman said he based many of his views on the findings of the NIPCC a non governmental international body of thousands of scientists aimed at offering an independent second opinion of the evidence reviewed by the IPCC..  He added "there is no significant man made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future".  The latest scientific paper from the Netherlands Institute for Atmospheric Research in Utrecht published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics  14, 7273-7290, 2014.  they found only 3.75 % (about 15ppm) of atmospheric CO2 is man made, the remainder of the 400ppm atmosphere CO2 is from land use changes and natural sources such as plant decomposition and ocean de-gassing!  
            Obama and Kerry in the US and Cameron, Milliband and Clegg in the UK are liars!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Nasa study reveals the cold waters of the earth`s deep oceans have not warmed since 2005.

     A new NASA study has revealed that the cold waters of earth`s deep oceans have not warmed measurably since 2005.   Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California analysed satellite and direct ocean temperature data from 2005 to 2013 and found the ocean abyss below 1.24 miles has not warmed measurably.  The temperature of the top half of the world`s ocean, above the 1.24 mile is still climbing but not fast enough to account for the stalled air temperatures. the new paper published 5 October in the journal Nature Climate Change used a combination of satellite and dsirect temperature data to estimate how much sea level rise is due to deep warming.  The answer is not much. From the total amount of sea level rise, they subtracted the amount of rise from the expansion in the upper ocean and the amount of rise that came from added meltwater.  the remainder represented the amount of sea level rise caused by warming in the deep ocean.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Owen Patterson: Fight against Climate Change `May cause more harm than global warming` Times report 28 September.

                   Measures to combat climate change may be causing more damage than current global warming says former environment secretary Owen Paterson.  He attacked the "wicked green blob" of environmentalists for failing to explain the pause in global warming.  (report Matt Dathan, the Times 28 September 2014.)     He goes on "there has not been a temperature increase now for probably 18 years, some say 26 years.  So the pause is old enough to vote, to join the army, to pay its taxes.  We were never told the pause was coming along and nobody explains why the pause is suddenly going to disappear and we`re going to get back on the track upwards.  So I am concerned that the measures being taken to counter projected dangers may actually be causing more damage now than those dangers"  The Times report 28 September.

(Note: in spite of the self appointed so called "environment experts" who write for papers like the Guardian, the Times and other such media like the BBC,  mounting scientific evidence indicates that they are wrong. Carbon dioxide emissions are coming not from human use of fossil fuels but from natural causes such as plant decomposition and ocean de-gassing.  This is the evidence from satellites such as the Japanese IBUKU and backed by leading atmospheric physicists such as Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT in the US. The latest paper from the Meteorology Group from Wageningen University ,the Netherlands Institute for Atmospheric Research Utrecht found that only 15ppm out of the present 400ppm of atmospheric CO2 is man made, the remainder of the 400ppm is from land use changes and natural sources such as plant respiration and ocean outgassing! (see Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14, 7273-7290, 2014.( when will the  self appointed experts" who write for the aformentioned press take note of reality?).

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

US Government scientists: Higher West coast temperatures due to natural causes, not climate change!

                       The liars at the New York UN climate conference have been caught out!  A study conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Washington has concluded that warmer sea and land temperatures along the Pacific coast in North America over the past 100 years are due to weak winds and not due to human activities or "climate change".  The study was published on Monday on the eve of the UN Climate Summit by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

                  The study, published as "Atmospheric controls on northeast Pacific temperature variability and change 1900-2012" reports that while" Northeast Pacific coastal warming since 1900 is often ascribed to antropogenic greenhouse forcing....century long warming around the northeast Pacific margins, like multidecadal variability, can be primarily attributed to changes in atmospheric circulation/" and not to human burning of fossil fuels.  The Los Angeles Times says "this latest research shows that similar changes in atmospheric and ocean circulation can drive trends that last a century or longer, overshadowing the effects of human generated increase in greenhouse gases"
               Report by Tony Barboza Los Angeles Times 22 September.  also A Peterlin

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught fudging temperature numbers!

                         The Heartland Institute reports that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABM) has been forced to admit it alters the temperature recorded at almost all the official weather stations in Australia.  The ABM came clean on its temperature fiddling because of the fierce scrutiny of Graham Lloyd, environment editor for The Australian newspaper.  Using a process it calls homogenization the ABM has replaced actual temperature measurements with massaged numbers.  Almost all the alterations resulted in higher temperatures being reported for the present and lower numbers for the past---with the higher numbers being used to demonstrate a historical warming trend---than the numbers that were actually recorded!   The differences between actually measured temperatures and homogenized temperatures topped 4 degrees celsius over certain periods at some measuring stations.
Australian climate scientist Jennifer Marohasy wrote on her blog the temperature alterations were seemingly done at "whim", resulting in what "amounts to corruption of the scientific process on a grand scale, with significant economic implications".  William Kinninmonth former head of the National Climate Centre at the US Bureau of Meteorology said there is no justifiable basis to modify actual observations without evidence of change instruments or environmental factors.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Professor Murry Salby`s lecture on climate change House of Commons Nov 2013

Professor Murry Salby`s lecture House of Commons Nov 2013   In one deadly piece of precision science Professor Salby has slain the giant phantom of Catastrophic Antropogenic Climate Change.  Watch his lecture and see the CACC theory demolished.  Professor Salby also gave his lecture in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.   Both organised by Rev Philip Foster MA and Terri Jackson Msc MPhil

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Conservative Bruges Group publishes climate lecture by Professor Murry Salby

              The Conservative Bruges Group has published the climate lecture given by Professor Salby in the House of Commons and in the Scottish Parliament last November. It has been put together by Mike Haseler BSc  MBA of the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum    It has an introduction  by Philip Foster MA.  The visit to the UK by Professor Salby was arranged by Philip Foster and A Terri Jackson a member of the Bruges Group.  His lecture is also available on U-Tube and hard copies can be obtained from the Bruges Group at 214 Linen Hall,162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB  e-mail: info @
                          see also youtube presentation of Professor Salby
Professor Salby`s new book on climate change: Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate 2nd edition 2012  ISBN 9780521767187.   Recommendation by Professor Jim Williams University of California Los Angeles.
                   " Salby`s book is a graduate textbook on earth`s atmosphere and climate that is well balanced between the physics of the constituent materials and fluid dynamics.  I recommend it as a foundation for anyone who wants to do research on the biogeochemikstry, and ocean-atmosphere coupling."

Australian bureau of Meteorology manipulates temperature datas

        A report in the Australian newspaper has revealed that the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has been busy adjusting temperature data to give the impression to the gullible that the earth is warming instead of cooling.(Graham Lloyd The Australian 23/08/14).   This to fit a pre-determined view of global warming. Before their "adjustments" the trend at Amerley in Australia was a cooling trend of 1 degree celsius per century.  After their manipulations it becomes a warming trend of 2.5 celsius per century.  People in real life who do this are usually jailed for
deiberate misleading of the public!   Australian researcher Jennifer Marohasy claims the adjusted records resemble "propaganda" rather than science.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

UK Met Office temperature and CO2 data

    From Ed Hoskins (

Greenie politicians policies put 1.5 million UK jobs at risk!

                               A report by Emily Gosden(Daily Telegraph) reveals that 1.5 million UK manufacturing jobs are at risk due to green policies imposed by Brussels.  Business for Britain BFB says that EU policies are to blame for up to 9% of energy bill costs for industry and this can rise to 16 % by 2030.  Manufacturers are now considering moving their operations abroad where energy is cheaper, risking devastating job loses in the UK.  More than 1.5 million people are employed in energy-intensive industries such as metals, ceramics and glass with 363000 in direct employment.  BFB says that opting out of EU renewable targets could cut energy bills.  BFB estimates that help to meet EU energy laws could be as much as £93 billion!  The EU laws have been fully implemented by the Cameron conservative led government.  The coming general election will give voters the opportunity to give their response to Mr Cameron and his greenie policies.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

British Antarctica Survey Team lose power at Halley VI base.

CFact reports(7 August) thirteen members of the British Antarctic Survey were trapped and in danger of freezing to death when their base, Halley VI lost power in temperatures of -55.4celsius.  Power has been partially restored but all science activities have been suspended and emergency plans to abandon some of Halley`s eight modules have been prepared.  The station cannot be reached for months so the danger is very serious.  In fact if they lose power again they could freeze to death. Marc Merano of Climate Depot reports that the incident occurred during the height of the Antarctic winter while southern sea ice is at or near record highs.Halley VI is located on the Brunt Ice Shelf on 150 meter thick ice. (Photograph from

        (Image from Google search)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Letter by Tom Harris(International Climate Science Coalition) in the St Louis Post Dispatch

     Tom Harris Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition has just published an excellent letter in the St Louis Post dispatch.  St Louis Post Dispatch. Letter by tom Harris (ICSC)

                  The Rev Dr Gerald Durley is certainly right to alert us to "our moral obligation to act and urge action on climate for those communities hit hardest by its impacts"("we must speak with one voice about climate change"  July 31). Across the world people are suffering due to the effects of dangerous climate change.  Yet aid agencies are unable to secure sufficient funds to help them because, of the $1 billion spent globally every day on climate finance, only 6 percent of it goes to helping vulnerable people adapt to climate change today.   The rest is spent trying to stop climate phenomena that might happen in the distant future.  This is immoral, effectively valuing the lives of people yet to be born more than those in need today.

                  By promoting the scientifically unfounded belief that we can control the climate of Earth merely by regulating our carbon dioxide emissions, environmental groups are unwittingly encouraging the continuation of this scandal, one of the greatest ethical tragedies of our time.  I hope Rev Durley can speak out about this ongoing injustice.

Tom Harris    Ottawa, Ontario
Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition(ICSC)
PO Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A  4E2

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014---world share of nuclear energy lowest since 1980s.

                                  Nuclear power`s share of global energy production has dramatically fallen from 17.6% in 1996 to 10.8%.  The shift in new generating capacity has been to "renewables".  The average age of the world`s reactors has climbed to 28 years and more than 170 units, or 44% of the total, are more than 30 years old.   In the US in particular, older, non competitive plants have been shut down, thanks to enormous government subsidies for renewables, and the temporary natural gas boom, thanks to fracking.  New construction is not keeping up with the shutdowns .Even leaving aside the shut down of Japan`s 48 reactors following Fukushima, the number of operating nuclear  plants has fallen to 388, 50 less than the peak in 2002.Of the 67 nuclear reactors under construction, at least 49 are behind schedule, some due to the hysterical temporary halt in construction after Fukushima; others due to the inflationary increase in costs.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

UK drivers sold out by the Westminster greenie politicians. Eleven million diesel drivers face massive extra costs.

                             Britain is being sued by the EU Commission for breaching air pollution limits as emissions ( nitrous oxides and particulates) from diesel cars are contributing to tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. Mr E King the President of the AA said that drivers were encouraged to go for diesel as there was hysteria over carbon dioxide.  This is the big  greenie lie and deception promoted by the greenie politicans at Westminster and their unknowledgable lackies in the media, the "environment" correspondents of the broadcheets, the self appointed "experts"  many of whom know little about the environment!  The lie that carbon dioxide emissions from humans is harming  the environment!

                  It was Brown who brought in the scheme to penalise those vehicles that emitted higher carbon dioxide levels.Tax breaks in the form of lower car tax were given to those who bought diesel vehicles. This when all along it has been the fine particles and nitrogen dioxide from diesel vehicles that are the causes of air pollution not carbon dioxide.  Drivers of diesel vehicles will no doubt remember this betrayal when the general election comes round in 2015.  The greenie politicians were warned at the time that diesel vehicles emit "ten times the fine particles and up to twice the nitrogen dioxide".  Over the past decade the number of diesel vehicles on UK roads has risen from 1.6 million to over 11 million and accounts for a third of all vehicles on UK roads. . Frank Kelly the chair of the Department of Health  committee on air pollution said the public were still being misled about the benefits of diesel cars with plenty of information about CO2 emissions but nothing about the pollution these cars emits.   He said that government policy needed to be founded on the best science available.  This can only be interpreted as a criticism of government policy.

                    It is reported that about 18 cities in the UK could be forced to impose higher charges on diesel vehicles. London is the European capital most polluted by nitrogen dioxide which is closely related to asthma and respiratory diseases. By World Health Organisation (WHO) standards 96 percent of British urban dwellers are exposed to dangerous levels of particulates.  A study by Public Health England has reported that the risk of dying from air pollution in central London is four times higher than in other parts of the country.  The WHO has classed diesel fumes as a cause of cancer.The paticulates in diesel fumes contain soot which has been identified as a cause of increased global warming in places!
          (report by Steven Swinford, Nick Collins and Geoffrey Lean Daily Telegraph 2 August 2014)

Friday, 1 August 2014

75 000 see their investments shrivel!. $1.9 billion German wind energy company goes insolvent!

                            The excellent German site  run by P Gosselin reports(23 July) that the German Prokon wind company has collapsed!  Instead of securing financing from banks and leading institutions, the company attracted capital from private persons,enticing them with promises of high rates of return and a contribution to protecting the climate.In 1995 the company raised $1.9 billion by advertising directly to the public with promises of superb annual returns.  In total 75 000 investors took up the offer. As time went on critics began to accuse the company of using fresh money coming from new investors to pay the returns for the older investors.  They warned it was only a matter of time before the scheme collapsed.  And so it was that on 22 January 2014 the company declared insolvency!  German leading newspaper Der Spiegel reported on this wind power disaster.  Der Spiegel wrote that the woes of this company were not only unique to Prokon but also to many wind park developers all over Germany!  so much for the alarmisst reliance on wind power.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New paper finds only ~3.75% of atmospheric CO2 is man made from burning fossil fuels!

                     A paper published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics has found that only about 3.75% (15ppm) of the CO2 in the lower atmosphere is man made from the burning of fossil fuels.  The rest of the 400 ppm atmospheric CO2 is from land use changes and natural sources such as ocean outgassing and plant respiration. (see report by Marc Morano Climate Depot 19 July 2014, also report by John Droz.   This is in agreement with the results of the Japanese IBUKU climate satellite which also found that nearly all the CO2 in the atmosphere was coming from temperature induced and moisture induced releases in high vegetation equatorial regions of the earth and from regions in South America(Professor Richard Lindzen agrees with this analysis, personal communication).  Northern industrial regions  US, UK, EU contribute a net zero to carbon in the atmosphere.  As soon as it is released from northern industrial regions it is reabsorbed giving a net zero of CO2 for the northern regions.   This shows just how the public are being deliberately misled by the alarmist press and by alarmist politicians who themselves have no knowledge whatever of climatology.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Green Nightmare


Terri Jackson Msc MPhil MInstP
founder of energy/climate group at the Institute of Physics.
membership secretary Principia Scientific International.

While the British coalition government of Cameron and Clegg piles more and more green prices through green subsidies on the hard pressed British consumers the new Australian Prime minister Tony Abbott is abolishing all carbon taxes which will save consumers in Australia $550 per household per year. This will be the first business when the Australian parliament resumes on 12 November. 2013. Household electricity bills here in the UK will be “unaffordable” by 2015 says a new report. The report says the consequences of decades of environmentalist scaremongering over sources of generating electricity will mean that electricity in the UK will become unaffordable for most by 2015. This is the result of allowing environmental naysayers, cowardly governments and profiteering utility companies to put off building new generating capacity. The nuclear plants are almost at the end of their lifetime while a number of coal fired plants are to be closed because they contravene EU laws.

Contrast this with Germany where five new coal fired plants are being built. If new coal fired plants can be built in Germany Mr Cameron why not in Britain? The new government initiative to let China build nuclear plants will not solve the problem of sky high electricity prices for UK consumers as the reported price of £100/MWh will ensure. This is double conventional electricity prices. The gap of course will be made up by consumers so Cameron`s great Chinese initiative will mean even higher prices for UK consumers not less!

By contrast there will continue to be huge investment in costly and inefficient renewable technology such as wind farms. The uSwitch report predicts massive rationing of electricity. The report estimates that the average home electricity bill may reach £2000 per year by 2016. This will mean tens of thousands dying because they will be unable to heat their homes. In other words mass deaths of the British people due to the policies of the coalition government. Last year alone 28000 died because they could not afford to heat their homes. The uSwitch report estimates that 75 percent of homes will be going without adequate heating and electricity by 2016. Every last one of the government coalition politicians Tory and Lib Dems responsible for such policies will surely be put out of office by 2015. The next election will be fought on electricity prices..

The renewables disaster: the Ofgem web site has put the cost of the renewables(mostly wind power) obligation scheme whereby electricity generating companies are mandated to buy a proportion of their electricity from renewables such as wind farms as at a staggering £1.487 billion!. This cost is passed to consumers by the electricity generating companies. So do not let the coalition government politicians Cameron, Clegg and Davey and Labour opposition politicians Milliband and Mrs Flint tell you that the rises are all due to the wholesale costs of gas. That is untrue. The major cost is due to the government green subsidies! Energy consultants Ulyx have predicted that further green measures in the UK will raise energy bills by a further 58 percent! over the next few years. Many of the wind farms are foreign owned, an audit by the Daily Telegraph found that subsidies to foreign wind power companies from the UK taxpayers amounted to £523 million! The only people making money out of this are the wind companies themselves and the rich landowners who allow their land to be used for wind farm development. Wind turbines increase carbon emissions and they need fossil fuel back up for times the wind does not blow. Fleming Nissen head of development at the West Danish electricity company has been quoted as saying that wind turbines do not reduce carbon emissions. Denmark has yet to close a single fossil fuel plant and needs 50 percent more coal fired plant to cover the unpredictably of the wind!. So what is the real reason for wind turbines Mr Cameron?

Canadian, German and Danish experiences:
Ontario took the step of dismantling one of Canada`s finest fleets of coal fired plants in pursuit of becoming a so called green leader. What was the result? To induce developers to build uneconomic renewable energy facilities the Ontario government paid them as much as 80 times the market rate for power. As a result power prices rose rapidly by as much as 50 percent since 2005.
Independent analysts predict that power prices in Canada will double in five years!. In Germany in spite of having 6000 wind turbines Der Speigel reports that German carbon emissions have not been reduced by a single gram! The introduction of wind power in Germany has led to more than 600 000 electricity consumers being cut off by their power companies each year! Denmark an early adapter of the global warming mania now requires its households to pay the developed world`s highest power prices—almost 40c per kwh, four times what Americans pay! With the new disastrous China nuclear deal giving the operator a guaranteed price of £100Mwh the UK will soon have the highest electricity prices in the world!! thanks to Osborne Cameron Clegg and DaveyMPs.

Contrast between the UK and the US:
The UK has laboured under the most politically correct climate leadership in the world now with some 12 million in fuel poverty. Contrast this with the US where power prices will decline according to the US Energy Information Administration, falling by more than 22 percent by the end of the decade. Why the fall? Because the US will rely overwhelmingly on fossil fuels in the future. Thanks to fracking the US has effectively limitless amounts of inexpensive natural gas to add to its limitless coal supplies. While the rest of the developed world was in thrall to the global warming rhetoric, the US talked the talk but unlike the EU and the UK balked at following through with measures that would destroy its economy. In 1997 when Clinton and Gore signed the Koyoto treaty and other countries dutifully complied, the US Senate---as Clinton and Gore knew it would---refused to ratify Koyoto by a massive vote of 95 to 0! GW Bush the successor to Clinton also refused to bow to the green dragon and take economy killing measures. (Lawrence Solomon report in the Canadian Financial Post). As a result of this green nightmare the UK England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will live in poverty for the foreseeable future while the US will have increasing prosperity!

Do not be fooled by the public pronouncements of politicians Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, Mr Davey, Mr Milliband or Mrs Flint. The real reason why your electricity prices are going through the roof friends is due to green subsidies and taxes. That is why the new Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is abandoning them! Wake up people of the UK!

Terri Jackson November 2013.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Owen Patterson sacked by Cameron now to deliver the annual GWPF lecture on 15 October.

                        Owen Patterson the environment minister has been sacked byPrime Minister Cameron.  His position on the environment has been supported by millions right across the UK.  In an article in the Sunday Telegraph of 20 July Mr Patterson pulls no punches. He starts by saying that he has great misgiving about the power and irresponsibility of the Green Blob as he calls the greenies.  He says by that he means the mutually supportive network of environmental pressure groups, renewable energy companies and some public officials who keep each other well supplied with lavish funds, scare stories and green tape. He says he fully supports ordinary local conservationists who do great work as do the farmers, rural businesses and ordinary people.  They are a world away from the highly paid globe trotters of the Green Blob who beseiged me says Mr Patterson with their self serving demands many of which would have harmed the environment.  He goes on to mention the death threats he received, his home address was circulated worldwide  with an incitement to trash tt! (These are the green fascists at work--blog editor).  He goes on to record he was burnt in effigy by Greenpeace as he was recovering from an operation to save his eyesight.(The Indian government have said that Greenpeace are a threat to economic security and stability.  I agree!--  Blog editor))  He says he is proud that his departure was greeted with such gloating by spokespeople for the Green party and Friends of the Earth. He says it was not his job to do the bidding of two organisations that are little more than anti capitalist agitating groups whose leaders could not tell the difference between a snakeshead fritillary and a silver washed fritillary! (Note: In the war most of the greens in Germany were card carrying Nazis!   today they appear little different.  As for Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth clearly their knowledge of the atmospheric physics of climate change is zero!)

                         He says he saw his task in improving the environment and the rural economy while many in the green movement believed in neither. He says the Green Blog sprouts especially vigorously in Brussels.  The European Commission web site reveals that a staggering 150 million euros was paid to the top nine green NGOs from 2007 to 2013. We broke the Council deadlock on GM crops so decisions may be repatriated to member states and we headed off bans on fracking said Mr Patterson. He says when he proposed a solution to the dreadful suffering of cattle  badgers and farmers as a result of the bovine TB epidemic he was opposed by rich pop stars who had never been faced with having to cull a pregnant heifer.  He went on to say that when he spoke up for the landscapes of the countryside against the heavily subsidised industry that wants to spoil them with wind turbines at vast cost to ordinary people, vast reward to  rich landowners and undetectable effects on carbon dioxide emissions he was frustrated by colleagues from the Lib Dem party.  When faced with the flooding on the Somerset Levels he said he refused to make the popular and false excuse of blaming it on global warming.(Note: the flooding in the Somerset Levels was entirely due to the incompetence of the Environment Agency in withdrawing at least thirty dredging machines resulting in massive flooding of people`s houses. ---Blog editor.)  Yes he says he has annoyed these people but they do not represent the real countryside of farmers and workers.  The Green Blob has become a powerful and self serving caucus.  It is the job of elected politicians to stand up to them. He concludes saying that we must have the courage to tackle it head on as Tony Abbott in Australia and Stephen Harper in Canada have done or the environment and economy will both continue to suffer.
(This is an abridged edition of the article by Owen Patterson in the Sunday Telegraph of 20 July 2014)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Australia: No longer a carbon tax nation! South Korea to follow suit!

                        The alarmists have taken a double hit. The new Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott true to his election promise has seen to it that Australia has abandoned the carbon tax that has been pointedly crippling the Australian economy. The Senate upheld the vote in the House to bring the doomed CO2 tax to a timely end.  The Australian Labor Party with the Greens have been resoundly defeated. Now we hear that South Korea is about to follow suit.  The South Korea finance minister has called its emissions trading market "flawed in many ways".  South Korea`s courageous stand against carbon madness raises hopes that Australia`s rejection of carbon pricing will be the domino which topples any chance of global cooperation on CO2. (reports from the WUWT blog by Anthony Watt
s, from Eric Worrall and Christopher Monckton.)

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded! Brisbane has coldest temperature for 103 years!

French Antarctic Dumont d`Urville Station     Anthony Watts has posted a report by Eric Worrall. Meteo France concerning the French Antarctic Dumont d`Urville Station.  During June this year the average temperature was -22.4celsius which is 6.6 celsius lower than normal.  This is the coldest June ever reecorded at the station.  June broke the June daily minimum temperature record with a new low of -34.9celsius!  According to the Meteo France record, there is no other weather station for 1000km in any direction.     So much for the alarmist global warming script!  

Brisbane hits coldest temperature in 103 years!  Report in the Australian by Chris McMahon and Sharnee Rawson 12 July 2014. (    Not since 28 July 1911 has Brisbane felt this cold with a temperature of only 2.6 celsius.   According to meteorologist Matt Bass the average for this time of the year is 12 celsius so Brisbane was about 9 celsius below average.   Note: Australian prime minister Tony Abott says he intends to get rid of the carbon tax in Australia!    Add to all this the fact that there has been very heavy snow falls in the Swiss Alps and one gets the picture.  Its global cooling on the way, global warming is dead so keep your fur coats handy folks!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

NOAA reinstates July 1936 as the hottest month on record!

                       NOAA the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US, criticized for manipulating temperature records to create a warming trend, has now been exposed as reverting to the true real temperatures again.  When meteorologist and climate site owner Anthony Watts went to check the NOAA data last Sunday he found the science agency had quietly  reinstated July 1936 as the hottest month on record in the US.  This is after they had wrongly  previously  said that July 2012 was the hottest month on record in the US.  This change back to reality by NOAA is welcome news and has been reported in the Daily Caller of 30 June 2014       .

Monday, 30 June 2014

Green subsidies in UK at new high. Figures reveal UK public being misled by UK political leaders..

                     The cost of green electricity has reached a record high in the UK due to growing subsidies for offshore wind turbines and household solar panels, a report by Emily Gosden and James Kirkup (Telegraph Sunday 29 June).  The annual bill to consumers to subsidise renewable technologies has exceeded £2.5 billion as more turbines are built. The cost has risen from £54.26 per MWh in 2011-2012  to the latest £66.97 per MWh in 2012-2013.  The cost of subsidies for solar panels on household roofs has also escalated from £150 million to £500 million.  This exposes the nonsense from the leaders of the three main parties, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems and Labour that rising electricity bills are due to the "big six" energy companies.  Absolute nonsense!   The rise in electricity bills  is entirely due to subsidies for green technologies.   That is why the Danish energy minister Rasmus Petersen announced recently that Denmark is abandoning wind power.   This Danish announcement is not even reported in newspapers like the Guardian(deliberate?).  Denmark is abandoning wind power because it is destroying the Danish economy. If Denmark is abandoning wind power because it is destroying the economy then why is the UK not abandoning wind power?    Please answer Mr Cameron.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Professor Richard S. J. Tol MEA former lead author IPCC to speak in UK House of Commons on Climate Change

             Professor Richard S. J. Tol MEA Director of Research Department of Economics University of Sussex and former lead author of the IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will speak in the UK House of Commons committee room 20  on 9 July.  This is under the auspices of the UK  Climate Network.    This is at 12 until 2pm. on 9 July.     His title is

                                 AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR UK CLIMATE POLICY.   

          Professor Tol is also Professor of the Economics of Climate Change, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije University Amsterdam.    He recently resigned from the IPCC on the grounds that its report was too alarmist.     PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME.

Washington Times reports on forthcoming Heartland Institute Las Vegas climate conference

                        Unlike newspapers like the Guardian the Washington Times has reported on the coming International conference on climate change July 7-9 in Las Vegas Nevada.  If you cannot make it to the conference every minute of the conference will be streamed live at the conference web site.  Visit  The President of the Heartland Institute Joseph Bast says the conference is for people who want to understand global warming.   Nearly 1000 people are expected to attend the conference(no doubt ignored by the biased UK broadsheet  press) making it the largest yet.  Thirty co-sponsors are listed.
                The proposals of President Obama to limit what he calls "carbon pollution" are rejected by thousands of scientist who know better. Economists say that his proposed plans will cost $50 billion a year and destroy some 250 000 jobs while reducing future warming by an undetectable 0.18 degrees celsius by 2100..  The benefits of atmospheric carbon dioxide and modest warming greatly exceed the costs. Solar evidence indicates that warming has stopped and there is no evidence of a resumption of warming, rather there is much evidence of widespread global cooing(Niagara Falls has frozen over twice in the last twelve months). The reports of the devious alteration of temperature recording stations to give the impression of global warming by NOAA/NASA is well documented---fraud?

               Scientists from the Nongovernmental International Panel on climate change (NIPCC)an international network of independent scientists with no financial stake in the debate will be on hand to answer questions..  Their new three volume report totals more than 2500 pages, citing more than 7000 peer reviewed studies.Published in both the US and in China.  NIPCC scientists conclude:

  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  It is a non toxic, non irritating and natural component of the atmosphere
  • the human impact on climate is very modest, much less than the impact of natural cycles
  • carbon dioxide has not and will not cause weather to become more extreme, polar ice and sea ice to melt, or sea level rise to accelerate.  these are all false alarms.
  • there is little or no risk of increasing food insecurity due to global warming or rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.  Farmers are benefiting from from rising agricultural productivity around the world.                                                                                                       
  • the benefits of modest global warming exceed the likely costs.

note:    Senator James Inhofe reports that the US Supreme Court has reprimanded the Environment Protection Agency in the US for ignoring the law and issued a stunning rebuke to the EPA`s efforts to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.   the truth is that Obama`s efforts to use the EPA will destroy America.  Such politicians who keep parroting that humans are the cause of climate change are lying.
Over 30 000 graduate scientists signed the Oregon petition stating that fossil fuel use will not harm the environment                                                  

Monday, 23 June 2014

The scandal of fiddled global warming data. Report by Christopher Booker.

                       Sunday Telegraph columnist Christopher booker reports 22 June on Steven Goddard`s US blog  REAL SCIENCE showing how shamelessly manipulated has been one of the world`s most influential climate records.  This is the graph of US surface temperature records published by the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)
   Goddardshows how in recent years, NOAA`s US Historical Climatology Network(USHCN) has been "adjusting" its record by replacing real temperatures with data "fabricated" by computer models.  The effect of this has been to downgrade earlier temperatures and to exaggerate those from recent decades, to give the impression that the earth has been warming up much more than is justified by the actual data.  In several posts headed "Data tampering at USHCN/Giss"Goddard compares the currently published temperature graphs with those based only on temperatures measured at the time.  These showthe US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record; whereas the latest graph ,nearly half of it based on "fabricated" data shows it to have been warming at a rate equivalent to more than three degrees centigrade.
per century.  this is not science but is in fact lying political propaganda.   Those who support it are liars.
           (see my post on this site 12 April for graphics compiled byGoddard giving more damming evidence of the political. manipulation at the heart of surface temperature records.  

Sunday, 15 June 2014

India labels Greenpeace a threat to national economic security.

                            Watts up with that blog( of Anthony Watts reports that India has called Greenpeace a threat to national economic security.
                An Indian Intelligence Bureau report on foreign funded NGOs dated 3 June has been submitted to the Prime Minister`s office and was first reported by the Indian Express.  The report accuses Greenpeace of contravening laws to "change the dynamics of India`s energy mix".  They accuse Greenpeace of anti nuclear agitations and to have mounted " massive efforts to take down India`s coal fired power plants and coal mining activity".  The IB report sees Greenpeace as the prime mover of mass based movements against development projects. It also accuses Greenpeace "actively aided and led by foreign activists visiting India" of violating the provisions of the Foreign Contribution (regulation) Act of 2010.    With the controversy over the activities of Greenpeace in Russia one would have thought that their imprisonment in Russia would have taught them a lesson.  But apparently not, no sooner are they our of a Russian prison they are now annoying the Indian government.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Talk by Professor Richard Lindzen: The Climate Debate Models versus Measurements

Talk by Professor Richard Lindzen Professor of Atmospheric Physics Massachussetts Institute of Technology on climate.
                                  MODELS versus MEASUREMENTS     Professor Lindzen said that real science is not what many climate modellers present as science. He said climate modelling was a kind of religion.  EIKE meeting in Germany April 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014

Professor Caleb Rossiter employment terminated because he described man made global warming as unproved.

            Dr Caleb Rossiter has had his fellowship with the Institute for Policy Studies(IPS) in the US terminated because he said the man made global warming theory was "unproven science".  This is the alarmist climate fascists at work.    Marc Morano of Climate Depot( June 12, 2014 ) reports  that following his May 4th 2014 Wall Street Journal article titled "Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change" in which he called man made global warming an "unproved science" his contract with IPS  was terminated.  Professor Rossiter also championed the expansion of carbon based energy in Africa. He has a Phd in policy analysis and in an interview with Climate Depot he said "just two days after I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for Africa to be allowed all of the energy we have in the US, the Institute for Policy Studies terminated my 23 year relationship with them because my analysis and theirs` diverge".  He questioned the claim of the alarmists and quoted the IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) own data showing a nearly 20 year temperature pause.

           In his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal of 4 May he said "I started to suspect that the climate-change data were dubious a decade ago while teaching statistics. Computer models used by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to determine the cause of the six-tenths of one degree Fahrenheit rise in global temperature from 1980 to 2000 could not statistically separate fossil-fueled and natural trends".  He continued "The left wants to stop industrialization--even if the theory of catastrophic man made global warming is false".  He added "western policies seem more interested in carbon-dioxide levels than in life expectancy.  Each American accounts for 20 times the emissions of each African.  We are not rationing OUR electricity.  Why should Africa, which needs electricity for the sort of income producing enterprises and infrastructure that help improve life expectancy? The average in Africa is 59 years, in America it is 79".   he went on  "how terrible to think that so many people in the west would rather block such success stories in the name of unproven science"

Monday, 9 June 2014

VGIF offers grants to women for courses teaching science to girls. Women in Physics Conference

            The Virginia Gildersleeve International fund is offering grants up to $7500 for projects run by women to develop courses for the teaching of science to girls.  See

           The 5th IUPAP(International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) International Conference
      Women in Physics 2014  will take place 5-8 August 2014 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada .  This is being run by the Canadian Association of Physicists.  See

Friday, 6 June 2014

Real Global Warming---the Indian sun!

   In April at the Taj Mahal in India where we had real global warming of a temperature of 115 Fahrenheit every day!   Not the human global warming fraud but the real solar sun based warming!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Professor Richard Tol to speak in House of Commons on 9 July.

         Professor Richard Tol a leading author who recently resigned from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) on the grounds that its latest report was too alarmist will be speaking in the House of Commons on 9 July.  The meeting is being held under the auspices of the UK Climate Network.  Invitations will be sent out soon.  Anyone  interested in coming please contact either the Climate Network chair Rev Philip Foster on  or Terri Jackson on    The meeting will start at 2pm.   Sammy Wilson who is a DUP  MP kindly obtained the room for us.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Latest Guardian Antarctic melting story. Another alarmist scare devoid of scientific truth!. Volcanic activity the real cause!.

                    Principia Scientific International report the latest Guardian climate scare as devoid of scientific truth and logic.    The West Antarctic glaciers are now melting "past the point of no return" (Guardian 12 May 2014) and this will raise world sea levels according to the Guardian!.  This report is about new research that shows an influx of warm sea water is permeating underneath where the glaciers extend into the sea., causing them to melt back with warm water flows under the Ross Ice Shelf.  As PSI report the inference is a human cause with sea level rises worldwide according to Eric Rignot a glaciologist at Nasa.

                   However the melt back cannot raise sea levels as a floating body displaces its own weight of water(the well known Archimedes Principle---apparently the Guardian are unaware of this simple physics law which invalidates their "report"). As independent researcher Dr Bernie Gunn points out  the floating glacial ice will not cause any sea level rise at all!  Also the melting of the glaciers on land will not cause sea level rise as the influx of warm water is not touching that.  As the PSI report notes the worst possible disaster scenario of warm water continuing to get under the glacier fronts cannot increase the sea level.  Even if it melted back all the way to the continental body the ocean current or atmospheric temperature would certainly have no affect on land based ice at -40celsius!

                 The truth about the melting ice is the volcanic activity as seismologist Amanda Lough of Washington University in St Louis reports ( She says "a subglacial eruption and the accompanying heat flow will melt a lot of ice----by lubricating the bedrock, it will speed the flow of the overlying ice, increasing the rate of ice-mass loss in West Antarctica"  Note also Professor Doug Wiens of Washing University(1).

                 Compare this non political scientific analysis from these world class seismologists with the biased agenda driven nonsense of "climate scientists" who in the wake of 17 years of no global temperature rises are desperate for a human caused explanation,  the nonsense of blaming it on anthropogenic global warming heat entering the oceans which does not exist.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Canadian Climate model and actual global temperatures

The graphic is reproduced with permission by Tom Harris of the Climate Science International    Climate Change "consensus" is a dangerous lie.  The assertion that the majority of scientists believe that climate change is a man made problem is a fiction.  Joe Bast President of the Heartland Institute and Roy Spencer principal research scientist at the University of Alabama and  the US Science team leader for the advanced microwave scanning Radiometer on Nasa`s Aqua satellite says this is nonsense. US Secretary of state Kerry and President Obama are liars.  Climate change is natural and due mainly to the changing sun and ocean cycles.( Terri Jackson`s blog now on Climate Science International web site).

Pause in global warming upsets religious believers.

              Licia Corbella columnist and editorial page editor with the Calgary Herald in an excellent  piece highlighting the presentation by Professor Ross McKitrick at the Friends of Science lunch on 13 May 2014 revealed how the climate models have turned out to be at complete odds with the actual observations. The models predicted rising temperature while the actual observed global temperature has remained steady with no rise for the last 16 years. Professor McKitrick is Professor of Environmental Economic at the university of Guelph Canada    .

Friday, 30 May 2014

Psalm for the rent seekers of climate alarmism. David Kreutzer

            Psalm for the rent seekers of climate alarmism.  
                                      David Kreutzer  Heritage Foundation USA.

  1.  The DECC(Department of Energy and Climate Change) is my shepherd: I shall not want. 
     2.    He(DECC) maketh me to profit:  he leadeth me beside the still turbines.                             
     3.    He restoreth my capital:  he leadeth me in the paths of self righteousness for his name`s sake.

     4.  Yea though I invest in the valley of death(dead end green technologies) I will fear no evil: for thy grants           and load guarantees they comfort me!.                                                                                              

     5.   Thou preparest a subsidy before me in the presence of my competitors: thou anointest my fund with            ethanol; my budget runneth over!.                                                                                      

     6. Surely tax breaks and privilege shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of big           government forever!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

At the Fourth International Climate Conference in Chicago

    Relaxing in Chicago at the Fourth Heartland Institute International Conference on Climate Change, where I was a speaker.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mark Twain on climate

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Forbes magazine science writer James Taylor exposes the global warming lies.

Written by The Daily Bell

Record Antarctic Ice Extent Throws Cold Water On Global Warming Scare ... Antarctic polar ice extent has set another new record, defying alarmist global warming claims. Surpassing the greatest month-of-April ice extent in recorded history, the new record throws cold water on alarmist claims that the Antarctic ice cap has crossed a melting point of no return. –Forbes
   Real world scientific data shows Antarctic ice extent is undergoing a long term cooling
Precise satellite measurements of both polar ice caps show no decline in polar ice since satellite instruments were launched in 1979. Polar ice extent has been greater than the long term average for nearly all of the past 16 months.  Winter temperatures throughout the US are in a 20 year cooling trend, defying alarmist global warming predictions and debunking claims that warmer winters are causing environmental catastrophe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration data in the US , presented by the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, reveal this winter`s very cold winter was the continuation of a very long term cooling trend.  Winters in the US are not getting warmer; they are getting cooler. When I was in California in February this year nearly all of the US was under a blanket of snow. (see report in         see also
                           The western ice shelf in Antarctica is NOT cantilevered off of the land mass as the alarmists would have you believe.  It is floating on the ocean.  As any physics student will tell you when water freezes it expands, making it lighter than water, so it floats.  Archimedes Principle unchallenged since 212 BC proves that when Antarctic, Arctic sea ice and floating icebergs melt, they DO NOT raise the sea level.  This is an elementary physics principle taught in school sixth forms which apparently the alarmist politicians and their lackies in the media have never heard about.

Mexico`s Oil and Gas Magazine attacks the new eugenics of the green movement

                Mexico`s Oil and Gas Magazine in its April 2014 edition has made a blistering attack on the new eugenics of the green policy.  It is delivered by Mexican biologist Hector Pensado Diaz at a forum of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies on 26 March entitled "Green Policies: Mankind`s Regression".  He said "are we going to let civilization go under with this green  system or will we move to a new paradigm of physical economic development?".  He went on to say ""the de-carbonisation of society, ending the use of fossil fuels which have brought such progress and well being to today`s civilization, are actions which endanger the planet.  The assertion that it is man`s activities that are causing global warming is an unproven assertion."  He also noted that the constant statements of impending doom by the green alarmists and their lackies in the media are driving many children to despair.  Young people do not want to have a family, because they think having children is to pollute.  This is the outworking of the satanic green movement with their constant messages of doom.  It is not surprising that the suicide rate in western countries is increasing at an alarming rate.  the green movement, the movement of death and depopulation.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Professor Lennart Bengtsson latest to suffer discrimination by Instituted of Physics. Terri Jackson founder of the energy(and climate) group discriminated by IOP in 2009

Institute denies censoring 'global cooling' article. This article appeared in the Times Education in 2009. The similarity with Professor Lennart Bengtsson is striking.

13 August 2009                
By ZoĆ« Corbyn                  TIMES EDUCATIONAL 2009         (see also "Institute of Physics again censoring climate debate" Principia scientific International                                  
    A physicist claims she has been "censored" by her learned society after it refused to publish an article questioning global warming that she submitted to a branch newsletter.
Terri Jackson, a former lecturer at Belfast Metropolitan College, has been a member of the Institute of Physics for 30 years and founded its High Energy Physics Group.
In April, she approached the London and South East branch with the offer of an article on "global cooling" for its local newsletter.
She received a positive response from the editor, who commissioned a piece that would "include solid scientific facts and proof" for the autumn issue of the newsletter.
But when she submitted the article, titled "Global cooling has arrived, global warming is dead" last month, she was told it would not be published owing to space constraints.
"It is a flimsy excuse ... they commissioned it about three months previously," Ms Jackson said. She believed the "real reason" for the change of heart was because the article "questioned the whole basis of global warming".
It was "censorship of the worst kind", she said. "It is scientific suppression."
The article, an earlier version of which was published in the Belfast Telegraph newspaper in May, argues the Earth has now "entered a period of global cooling", citing what it says is "overwhelming ... evidence" from various bodies.
In a statement, Beth Taylor, director of communications and external relations at the IoP, says that the institute is not in the business of either "censoring articles" or "publishing them without any proper validation or peer review".
"The right place to publish an article on this kind of topic would not be in a branch newsletter, which is really intended to report branch meetings, outreach activities and other regional events, but in a scientific journal where it would have the benefit of peer review," she says.

The spat came in the same week that IoP journal Environmental Research Letters published a paper titled "Tripping points: Barriers and bargaining chips on the road to Copenhagen", about political barriers to tackling global warming.

                 The treatment of Professor Lennart Bengtssom by the Institute of Physics owned Environment Research Letters reported in the Times newspaper today(16 May 2014) is similar to my treatment in 2009. I was asked by the secretary of the London branch of the IOP to write an article on climate change.However when it was realised that my article criticised global warming it was quickly withdrawn. Professor Bengtsson former Director of the prestigious Hamburg based Max Planck Institute of Meteorology said he suspected intolerance of dissenting views on climate change was preventing his paper from being published.  His paper challenged the findings of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predictions on future climate change based on the erroneous and unscientific theory of man made climate change.The recent  resignation of Professor Richard Toll from the IPCC is further proof of growing dissent.  Lord Lawson is quite right to say that the treatment of Professor Bengtsson was indeed a McCarthy like approach.  It was also in 2009 that the invitation forLord Lawson to speak at the Institute of Physics was withdrawn.  Clearly in the view of many another case of extreme bias. Of course the earth is not warming. There has been no global rise in temperature for seventeen years. The rise that did occur 1970 to 1998 was entirely natural and due to the changing sun and ocean cycles.  Carbon dioxide,a harmless gas essential for life, is coming from high vegetation equatorial areas of the earth confirmed by the Japanese  IBUKU climate satellite(agreed by Professor Richard Lindzen in private communication), also from ocean warming due to the Medieval Warm period (the oceans take hundreds of years to warm)..Japan has sensibly abandoned its carbon dioxide targets. Australian climate science Professor Murry Salby in his recent talk in the House of Commons and at the Scottish Parliament November last year showed that all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be accounted for from natural causes with no reference to humans.(see report

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Terri Jackson appointed membership secretary of Principia Scientific International

                       Terri Jackson founder of the energy and climate group at the Institute of Physics in London has been appointed membership secretary of Principia Scientific International(PSI).   The President of PSI is John Sanderson the immediate past present of the Royal College of Science Associations.  John O`Sullivan is the executive secretary. Principia Scientific International is a worldwide association of mainly climate scientists, physicists and engineers who totally reject that climate changes are due to human behaviour but rather climate change is natural and due to the changing sun(presently in rapid decline) and ocean cycles.  Now over 300 strong and growing PSI includes twenty four professors and Nobel nominees in its ranks.  The first President of Principia Scientific International was ProfessorTimothy Ball who was Professor of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg for thirty years. His latest book "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science" available from Amazon Books on line is a revealing classic.  If you are interested in joining PSI then contact either John O`Sullivan( or Terri Jackson (