Thursday, 22 May 2014

Forbes magazine science writer James Taylor exposes the global warming lies.

Written by The Daily Bell

Record Antarctic Ice Extent Throws Cold Water On Global Warming Scare ... Antarctic polar ice extent has set another new record, defying alarmist global warming claims. Surpassing the greatest month-of-April ice extent in recorded history, the new record throws cold water on alarmist claims that the Antarctic ice cap has crossed a melting point of no return. –Forbes
   Real world scientific data shows Antarctic ice extent is undergoing a long term cooling
Precise satellite measurements of both polar ice caps show no decline in polar ice since satellite instruments were launched in 1979. Polar ice extent has been greater than the long term average for nearly all of the past 16 months.  Winter temperatures throughout the US are in a 20 year cooling trend, defying alarmist global warming predictions and debunking claims that warmer winters are causing environmental catastrophe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration data in the US , presented by the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, reveal this winter`s very cold winter was the continuation of a very long term cooling trend.  Winters in the US are not getting warmer; they are getting cooler. When I was in California in February this year nearly all of the US was under a blanket of snow. (see report in         see also
                           The western ice shelf in Antarctica is NOT cantilevered off of the land mass as the alarmists would have you believe.  It is floating on the ocean.  As any physics student will tell you when water freezes it expands, making it lighter than water, so it floats.  Archimedes Principle unchallenged since 212 BC proves that when Antarctic, Arctic sea ice and floating icebergs melt, they DO NOT raise the sea level.  This is an elementary physics principle taught in school sixth forms which apparently the alarmist politicians and their lackies in the media have never heard about.

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