Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Slovenian climatologist and Nobel winner Dr L K Bogataj casts doubt on AGW

     Dr Lucka Kajfez Bogataj former Nobel Prize winner and climate change adviser to Slovenian President Miso Alkalaj has cast a shadow over the AGW theory when she says that rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide probably don`t cause global temperatures to rise.   The Slovenian climate professor made the announcement  in a foreign language journal that has only now been translated into English. The journal is Delo Polet ( 18/11/2010). It is reported that she is leaving the IPCC to rebuild her status as a credible government

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Climate alarmists in US Congress annihalated in November election

   Paul Chesser in his American Spectator blog gives a stirring account of the drama in the US Congress 4th November  election in which democrats who voted for the controversial House 2009 Waxman Markey climate bill were slaughtered at the ballot box. These included republican Rick Boucher one of the prime movers of the bill and over two dozen members who voted for the Pelosi led climate bill who all lost their seats.  Pelosi has lost her speaker position, Henry Waxman chair of the energy and commerce committee is gone. As Chesser describes it "the so called scientific consensus on global warming has turned into a political forensic consensus"
resulting in mass defeat for the democrats.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Scientist involved in Kiwigate climate scandal linked to CRU at University of East Anglia in England

        It has been reported by Andrew Bolt in the Australian Herald Sun of 26 November 2009 that the scientist who made the temperature "adjustments" in the New Zealand temperature record is Jim Salinger a lead author in the IPCC who originally worked at the ClimateResearch Unit of the University of East Anglia. kiwigate and Climategate at CRU are linked and as O`Sullivan points out there are three distinct similarities between the CRU climagate affair and this new Kiwigate scandal.  First the scientists involved declined to submit their data for independent analysis.  Second when backed into a corner they claimed their temperature adjustments had been lost.  Third the raw temperature data itself showed no warming trend.  (Report by John O`Sullivan in www.suite101 26 April 2010).   The New Zealand government has now completely adandoned its "official" temperature record!

Legal Defeat for Global Warming in new Kiwigate Scandal

             Climate Realists in New Zealand have won a stunning court room battle over the so called official
climate record in New Zealand.  In his report  John O`Sullivan has exposed the shock courtroom defeat on climatologists implicated in temperature data fraud.(http:www.suite101.com/content/legal-defeat-for-global-warming-in-kiwigate-scandal...).  The New Zealand government via its National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA) has announced it has nothing to do with the country`s "official" climate record.
The statement from NIWA says they were never responsible for the national temperature record(NZTR).  This is a legal triumph for the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition(NZCSC) who had petitioned the high court of New Zealand to invalidate the weather service reconstruction of temperatures in New Zealand.
           O`Sullivan goes on to reveal that  NZCSC have claimed that climate scientists cooked the books by using the same alleged `trick` employed by British and American scientists. This involved imposing a warming bias during what is known as the homogenisation process that occurs when climate data needs to be adjusted.
The specific charge brought against the New Zealand government was that its climate scientists had taken the raw temperature records of the country and then adjusted them artifically with a result that a steeper warming trend was created than would otherwise exist by examination of the raw data alone.  The original Kiwi records
show no warming during the 20th century, but after government sponsored climatologists had manipulated the data a warming trend of one degree celsius appeared! (this story is also covered on www.icecap.com).