Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hansen backtracks as hundreds die of cold

                          NASA scientists James Hansen in a paper published this week wrote:   "The 5 year mean global temperature has been flat for a decade, which we interpret as a combination of natural variability and a slowdown in the growth rate of the net climate forcing".  While we agree with the first part of this statement the net climate forcing it should be stressed is due to latent heat in the atmosphere as a result of evaporation and certainly not due to human carbon dioxide.  His words confirm nature,not mankind, played the decisive role in directing global temperatures over the last ten years.  The anecdotal evidence has certainly not been friendly to climate hysteria. While southern England and Wales are covered in snow,  Los Angeles has been shivering under a cold snap and the National Weather Service in the US issued a snow warning for the Washington area on Thursday of this week.   Recently at least 80 died of the cold in Bangledesh   Also over 600 dead due to the intense cold of minus fifty in Russia and eastern Europe over the last six months. I dont remember reading about this in the Guardian or the Daily Telegraph.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

NASA U-Turn admits Global Warming Bias on Sun`s Key Role

                                     Principia-Scientific International(PSI) (report by John O`Sullivan) reveals that a new Nasa study titled "The effects of Solar Variability on Earth`s Climate" has revealed that even slight changes in solar output has a considerable impact on climate. One of the authors Dr Greg Kopp of the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado conceded "even typical short term variations of 0.1 percent in incident solar  irradiance exceeds all other energy sources combined".  A full report by Dr T Phillips is available from the National Academies Press.    It reports that the NASA management was barred from stopping NASA Goddard Institute climate activist James Hansen from promoting a political agenda on climate. As O`Sullivan says there is indeed a paradigm shift in full swing and the discredited claims of man made global warming alarmists are being tossed aside at the highest level of government.  
                 Dr Tim Ball chair of PSI who was Professor of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg for thirty years  has been the driving force behind the worldwide team of over 200 experts from various scientific fields to address the climate issue.The NASA report notes that "understanding the sun-climate connection requires a breadth of expertise in fields such as plasma physics, solar activity, atmospheric chemistry and fluid dynamics, energetic particle physics, and even terrestrial history.  No single researcher has the full range of knowledge required to solve the problem"
               Dr Ball says that finally NASA seems to have broken free of the "settled science" that the IPCC imposed.  Climate science was effectively frozen for thirty years and NASA are now getting back to where they were in the 1970`s"  Dr Ball now believes that this latest NASA publication marks the breaking of the control Hansen had over climate research at the US space agency.  Ball notes that "I understand that upper management were advised by much higher authority not to touch Hansen."  He says that the evidence is stacking up proving that Hansen was "out of control" and what he has been doing publicly and politically should have been censured, even prosecuted under the Hatch Act".  
               Clearly this together with the down grading of future global warming by  the UK Met Office in their Christmas Eve announcement and the admission by the IPCC  of the role of the sun, the case of the alarmists is disintegrating by the day.  Some alarmist writers in the UK Guardian and the Daily Telegraph have been shown up that their  views on man made climate change are in fact junk science.   It is the sun, gravity and the hydrological cycle based on water vapour and latent heat that are the drivers of climate change.  Carbon dioxide has no heat trapping powers.    The increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is coming from de-gassing from the oceans as a result of temperature changes hundreds of years previously.  The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of human activity is less than 0.036 percent of the atmosphere--insignificant.