Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Germany`s Green Energy Policy Creates Insane Cross Border Power Markets

                            The German exit from nuclear power has created an electricity supply gap of daily 8300 megawatts in Germany which has to be filled by increased imports, but at the same time, German electricity exports to neighbouring countries are reaching record highs:  how does this fit together?

       Heavily subsidized electricity from wind and solar sources,which is prioritized at the German electricity exchange in Leipzig, is pushing competing coal and gas down in Germany, so that the latter try to make some prohibits outside Germany.  One third of these exports go to the Netherlands, where gas powered plants are being shut down because they cannot compete with electricity imports from German coal fired plants.   Most of the wind energy generated off the German northern coasts does not go , as was the original idea, to the south of Germany, but to Denmark, exports to which have increased by 480% during the first six months of 2013!    That also has to do with Poland`s understandable refusal to keep its own power grid always open for sudden surpluses from incalculable German wind power.

      At the same time Germany imports up to 8000 megawatts daily from nuclear power plants in France and the Czech Republic, and from an oil powered facility in Austria, but at certain times when renewables surpluses are too big for Germany to consume, they are being exported at dumping prices to France, undermining the nuclear  power sector there!.   The German taxpayer pays for all that insanity with an extra EU25 billion annually.   What a crazy system!    (report from Larouchepac.com).