Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Green Nightmare


Terri Jackson Msc MPhil MInstP
founder of energy/climate group at the Institute of Physics.
membership secretary Principia Scientific International.

While the British coalition government of Cameron and Clegg piles more and more green prices through green subsidies on the hard pressed British consumers the new Australian Prime minister Tony Abbott is abolishing all carbon taxes which will save consumers in Australia $550 per household per year. This will be the first business when the Australian parliament resumes on 12 November. 2013. Household electricity bills here in the UK will be “unaffordable” by 2015 says a new report. The report says the consequences of decades of environmentalist scaremongering over sources of generating electricity will mean that electricity in the UK will become unaffordable for most by 2015. This is the result of allowing environmental naysayers, cowardly governments and profiteering utility companies to put off building new generating capacity. The nuclear plants are almost at the end of their lifetime while a number of coal fired plants are to be closed because they contravene EU laws.

Contrast this with Germany where five new coal fired plants are being built. If new coal fired plants can be built in Germany Mr Cameron why not in Britain? The new government initiative to let China build nuclear plants will not solve the problem of sky high electricity prices for UK consumers as the reported price of £100/MWh will ensure. This is double conventional electricity prices. The gap of course will be made up by consumers so Cameron`s great Chinese initiative will mean even higher prices for UK consumers not less!

By contrast there will continue to be huge investment in costly and inefficient renewable technology such as wind farms. The uSwitch report predicts massive rationing of electricity. The report estimates that the average home electricity bill may reach £2000 per year by 2016. This will mean tens of thousands dying because they will be unable to heat their homes. In other words mass deaths of the British people due to the policies of the coalition government. Last year alone 28000 died because they could not afford to heat their homes. The uSwitch report estimates that 75 percent of homes will be going without adequate heating and electricity by 2016. Every last one of the government coalition politicians Tory and Lib Dems responsible for such policies will surely be put out of office by 2015. The next election will be fought on electricity prices..

The renewables disaster: the Ofgem web site has put the cost of the renewables(mostly wind power) obligation scheme whereby electricity generating companies are mandated to buy a proportion of their electricity from renewables such as wind farms as at a staggering £1.487 billion!. This cost is passed to consumers by the electricity generating companies. So do not let the coalition government politicians Cameron, Clegg and Davey and Labour opposition politicians Milliband and Mrs Flint tell you that the rises are all due to the wholesale costs of gas. That is untrue. The major cost is due to the government green subsidies! Energy consultants Ulyx have predicted that further green measures in the UK will raise energy bills by a further 58 percent! over the next few years. Many of the wind farms are foreign owned, an audit by the Daily Telegraph found that subsidies to foreign wind power companies from the UK taxpayers amounted to £523 million! The only people making money out of this are the wind companies themselves and the rich landowners who allow their land to be used for wind farm development. Wind turbines increase carbon emissions and they need fossil fuel back up for times the wind does not blow. Fleming Nissen head of development at the West Danish electricity company has been quoted as saying that wind turbines do not reduce carbon emissions. Denmark has yet to close a single fossil fuel plant and needs 50 percent more coal fired plant to cover the unpredictably of the wind!. So what is the real reason for wind turbines Mr Cameron?

Canadian, German and Danish experiences:
Ontario took the step of dismantling one of Canada`s finest fleets of coal fired plants in pursuit of becoming a so called green leader. What was the result? To induce developers to build uneconomic renewable energy facilities the Ontario government paid them as much as 80 times the market rate for power. As a result power prices rose rapidly by as much as 50 percent since 2005.
Independent analysts predict that power prices in Canada will double in five years!. In Germany in spite of having 6000 wind turbines Der Speigel reports that German carbon emissions have not been reduced by a single gram! The introduction of wind power in Germany has led to more than 600 000 electricity consumers being cut off by their power companies each year! Denmark an early adapter of the global warming mania now requires its households to pay the developed world`s highest power prices—almost 40c per kwh, four times what Americans pay! With the new disastrous China nuclear deal giving the operator a guaranteed price of £100Mwh the UK will soon have the highest electricity prices in the world!! thanks to Osborne Cameron Clegg and DaveyMPs.

Contrast between the UK and the US:
The UK has laboured under the most politically correct climate leadership in the world now with some 12 million in fuel poverty. Contrast this with the US where power prices will decline according to the US Energy Information Administration, falling by more than 22 percent by the end of the decade. Why the fall? Because the US will rely overwhelmingly on fossil fuels in the future. Thanks to fracking the US has effectively limitless amounts of inexpensive natural gas to add to its limitless coal supplies. While the rest of the developed world was in thrall to the global warming rhetoric, the US talked the talk but unlike the EU and the UK balked at following through with measures that would destroy its economy. In 1997 when Clinton and Gore signed the Koyoto treaty and other countries dutifully complied, the US Senate---as Clinton and Gore knew it would---refused to ratify Koyoto by a massive vote of 95 to 0! GW Bush the successor to Clinton also refused to bow to the green dragon and take economy killing measures. (Lawrence Solomon report in the Canadian Financial Post). As a result of this green nightmare the UK England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will live in poverty for the foreseeable future while the US will have increasing prosperity!

Do not be fooled by the public pronouncements of politicians Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, Mr Davey, Mr Milliband or Mrs Flint. The real reason why your electricity prices are going through the roof friends is due to green subsidies and taxes. That is why the new Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is abandoning them! Wake up people of the UK!

Terri Jackson November 2013.

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