Saturday, 12 July 2014

Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded! Brisbane has coldest temperature for 103 years!

French Antarctic Dumont d`Urville Station     Anthony Watts has posted a report by Eric Worrall. Meteo France concerning the French Antarctic Dumont d`Urville Station.  During June this year the average temperature was -22.4celsius which is 6.6 celsius lower than normal.  This is the coldest June ever reecorded at the station.  June broke the June daily minimum temperature record with a new low of -34.9celsius!  According to the Meteo France record, there is no other weather station for 1000km in any direction.     So much for the alarmist global warming script!  

Brisbane hits coldest temperature in 103 years!  Report in the Australian by Chris McMahon and Sharnee Rawson 12 July 2014. (    Not since 28 July 1911 has Brisbane felt this cold with a temperature of only 2.6 celsius.   According to meteorologist Matt Bass the average for this time of the year is 12 celsius so Brisbane was about 9 celsius below average.   Note: Australian prime minister Tony Abott says he intends to get rid of the carbon tax in Australia!    Add to all this the fact that there has been very heavy snow falls in the Swiss Alps and one gets the picture.  Its global cooling on the way, global warming is dead so keep your fur coats handy folks!

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