Wednesday, 22 December 2010

CLIMATE CHANGE is NATURAL, NOT MAN MADE. New book by Terri Jackson

       Terri Jackson, founder of the Energy Group at the Institute of Physics, London and speaker at the Heartland Institute International climate change conference in Chicago in May this year, has written this short concise new publication on climate change. Essentially it brings out the main points about the AGW climate fraud, showing that carbon dioxide far from being a pollutant is an essential gas for our survival, preventing heart attacks, saving lives and promoting prosperity.  Also exposed are the lies that the small 20th century warming is unique. With research data from many leading climate scientists from around the world it is clear that in the past history of the earth temperatures have been much higher than today with no harmful effects. For the last 600 million years the average earth temperature for 80 percent of the time has been 22 celsius compared to 14 celsius today.(   Professor C R Scotese Professor of Geology University of Texas.)   Carbon dioxide levels in the Ordovician Era which was largely an ice age were ten times what they are today. Also Professor Ian Plimer Professor of Environmental Geology at the University of Adelaide confirms that pollen samples taken from Baffin Island proves that the earth temperature 5000 years ago was five degrees warmer than today. ( see Heaven and Earth, available from Amazon Books).  The Medieval Warm Period, 950-1300AD  was at least four degrees warmer than today. Read also about the recent Wilkes Land Glacial History expedition off the coast of Antartica which confirmed that Antarctica was once a sub tropical paradise with increasing carbon dioxide levels and high temperature and which did NOT revert to a catastrophic overheating  but instead changed quickly to a barren ice covered wilderness, what we see today.  The exact opposite of what the alarmists predict for the earth today.
                This valuable new publication is available direct from Terri Jackson by e-mailing  or from the American publisher Stairway Press, 1500 A East College Way #554.  Mount Vernon WA 98273, USA.  contact

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Over 1000 climate scientists from around the globe dissent from the AGW theory

                 Over 1000 climate scientists from around the globe have now challenged man made global warming claims made by  the UNIPCC and former Vice President Al Gore. They have added their names to the Environment and Public Works committee web site of the US Congress. This new 320 page 2010 report produced as a ClimateDepot Special ( see includes many current and former UNIPCC scientists who have now turned against the IPCC.  This includes another 300 added since March 2009.
     Particularly relevant to the debate is the report of the Non Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
Climate Change Reconsidered which includes the names of over 31 000 graduate scientists who all dissent from the antropogenic global warming unproven theory. (see pages 745-855 of

    Other web sites of  interest in exposing the agw deception include:
Climate Realists
Science and Public Policy Institute
Global warming policy policy forum   www,  
Weather Action forecasters London
Censorship at the Institute of Physics, London.  Article on global cooling for London branch of Institute of Physics withdrawn (2009).  click on issue index/13 August 2009/Institute denies---      

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Cancun Communists

     In case anyone is in any doubt about the communist policies of the Cancun Climate Conference in Mexico just listen to the IPCC official Ottmar Edenhoffer who said just prior to the conference start "one must say clearly that we re-distribute defacto the world`s wealth by climate policy.  Obviously the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environment policy anymore".   So there it is as clear as crystal the central doctrine of communism, the re-distribution of wealth from the bad West such as the US and the UK to any other tyranical dictator who comes along!    The Bolivian President Eva Morales made no bones about the aim of UN climate policy when she said "the principle objective of the conference would be to save the planet from capitalism".  (Reports from the Calgary Herald 16 December 2010).

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cancun Climate Conference failure, renewables subsidies leading to increased UK electricity bills.

   The Cancun Climate Conference in Cancun Mexico has ended in failure with no binding targets for carbon reductions.  Russia has indicated that they will not renew the Koyoto climate agreement when it comes up for renewal in 2012.  This taken in conjunction with the collapse of the Chicago Carbon Exchange where the carbon price dropped to  a mere 5 cents a ton, and the political wipe out of the climate alarmists in the November US Congress elections proves that the whole antropogenic (man made) climate movement is in retreat.
         Regarding home turf here in the UK we note the rising costs of our electricity bills due to the massive subsidies given to uncompetitive renewable power sources such as wind power. The GWPF(global warming policy foundation) reports that the UK pays £1 billion a year in subsidies for renewable energy which translates into an average increase of £80 in electricity bills for every home in the country!.  They also report that the uSwitch comparison web site predicts that by 2020 this will rise to a massive extra £500 per year for every home in the UK.  The Thanet proposed wind farm off the coast of England will receive a tax payer subsidy of £60 million and will produce only 75MW of power at best.  This compares with a fossil fuel power plant, oil, gas or coal, ten times the size at 750MW which could be built for the same cost but with no subsidy.!  Electricity consumers are right to be extremely angry with the Conservative Lib Dem coalition government

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Slovenian climatologist and Nobel winner Dr L K Bogataj casts doubt on AGW

     Dr Lucka Kajfez Bogataj former Nobel Prize winner and climate change adviser to Slovenian President Miso Alkalaj has cast a shadow over the AGW theory when she says that rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide probably don`t cause global temperatures to rise.   The Slovenian climate professor made the announcement  in a foreign language journal that has only now been translated into English. The journal is Delo Polet ( 18/11/2010). It is reported that she is leaving the IPCC to rebuild her status as a credible government

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Climate alarmists in US Congress annihalated in November election

   Paul Chesser in his American Spectator blog gives a stirring account of the drama in the US Congress 4th November  election in which democrats who voted for the controversial House 2009 Waxman Markey climate bill were slaughtered at the ballot box. These included republican Rick Boucher one of the prime movers of the bill and over two dozen members who voted for the Pelosi led climate bill who all lost their seats.  Pelosi has lost her speaker position, Henry Waxman chair of the energy and commerce committee is gone. As Chesser describes it "the so called scientific consensus on global warming has turned into a political forensic consensus"
resulting in mass defeat for the democrats.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Scientist involved in Kiwigate climate scandal linked to CRU at University of East Anglia in England

        It has been reported by Andrew Bolt in the Australian Herald Sun of 26 November 2009 that the scientist who made the temperature "adjustments" in the New Zealand temperature record is Jim Salinger a lead author in the IPCC who originally worked at the ClimateResearch Unit of the University of East Anglia. kiwigate and Climategate at CRU are linked and as O`Sullivan points out there are three distinct similarities between the CRU climagate affair and this new Kiwigate scandal.  First the scientists involved declined to submit their data for independent analysis.  Second when backed into a corner they claimed their temperature adjustments had been lost.  Third the raw temperature data itself showed no warming trend.  (Report by John O`Sullivan in www.suite101 26 April 2010).   The New Zealand government has now completely adandoned its "official" temperature record!

Legal Defeat for Global Warming in new Kiwigate Scandal

             Climate Realists in New Zealand have won a stunning court room battle over the so called official
climate record in New Zealand.  In his report  John O`Sullivan has exposed the shock courtroom defeat on climatologists implicated in temperature data fraud.(  The New Zealand government via its National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA) has announced it has nothing to do with the country`s "official" climate record.
The statement from NIWA says they were never responsible for the national temperature record(NZTR).  This is a legal triumph for the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition(NZCSC) who had petitioned the high court of New Zealand to invalidate the weather service reconstruction of temperatures in New Zealand.
           O`Sullivan goes on to reveal that  NZCSC have claimed that climate scientists cooked the books by using the same alleged `trick` employed by British and American scientists. This involved imposing a warming bias during what is known as the homogenisation process that occurs when climate data needs to be adjusted.
The specific charge brought against the New Zealand government was that its climate scientists had taken the raw temperature records of the country and then adjusted them artifically with a result that a steeper warming trend was created than would otherwise exist by examination of the raw data alone.  The original Kiwi records
show no warming during the 20th century, but after government sponsored climatologists had manipulated the data a warming trend of one degree celsius appeared! (this story is also covered on

Monday, 27 September 2010

The cull of the UK Climate Quangos!

                Some of the UK climate quangos are getting the chop in the coalition government`s drive for deficit reduction.  Those that will go immediately are Sir Jonathan Porritt`s  Sustainable Development Commission, the Advisory committee on Carbon abatement Technologies and the Renewables Advisory Board.  Under review are the Carbon Trust, the Energy Savings Trust, and the Environment Agency.  Even the sacred cow of the
DECC  itself may be in line for reduction or even  absorption into another department according to a report in the Guardian on 22 September.  Long may it continue!
                         Patrick Henningsen who also reported the possible imminent demise of DECC in his blog says " what preachers of AGW and climate change are slowly discovering is that no amount of spin and political propaganda can cover up a lack of results over a long stretch-----taxpayers cannot back departments, much less policies that do not deliver benefits to the public welfare.  here in the UK we have a government department(the DECC) which is busying itself with an apocalyptic event---that is not even happening!"

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Senior German Parliamentarian comes out against man made climate change!

             Marie -Luise Dott a senior German parliamentarian and a member of Angela Merkel`s environment committee has come out against man made climate change.  She has come under fierce attack from the alarmist lobby.  She said  referring to man made climate alarmism that  it was a "replacement religion, and that anyone who dared to express doubt could be branded an outlaw, forced to confess sins, sent to purgatory or even cast into hell----free scientific thinking is a myth here".   see www.notrickszone/2010/09/20german-parliamentarian-

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wilkes Land Glacial History 2010 Expedition discovers Antarctic transition in 55Ma

                The Wilkes Land Glacial History Team, led by Dr Carlotta Escutia of Granada University and Dr Henk Brinkhuis of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, has just completed a two month drilling programme of geological samples from the sea floor near Antactica.  Called the Integrated Ocean drilling Programme( IODP) they have found that about 55Ma Antarctica was a warm sub tropical paradise with carbon dioxide levels eleven times todays value.   Suddenly within a relatively short geological time frame of 0.5Ma it reverted to a freezing ice covered cold expanse with ice sheets, what we see today.  At the transition carbon dioxide levels and temperature fell quickly and dramatically. No catastrophic global heating emergency due to carbon dioxide levels. Alarmist lobby please note!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ryanair boss Michael O`Leary denies climate change is caused by humans

    Ryanair boss Michael O`Leary has attacked man made climate change as xxxxxxxx!  The chief executive of
Europe`s biggest and most successful airline has denied that humans are heating up the planet.  He agreed that the climate is changing but denies it is caused by  man made emissions of carbon dioxide, such as those from planes.  The climate has been changing since time immemorial he said.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

UK Carbon Reduction Commitment will destroy the UK economy

           As a result of the UK Climate Change Act of 2008 new laws have been introduced for UK industry
called the Carbon Reduction Commitment.   Alone among the developed nations these measures by the UK government  are built on a lie, that climate change is a result of  carbon emissions from human activity. As a result UK industry and so the UK economy will be greatly harmed.    There will be no economic recovery.  There is no scientific  evidence that climate change is a result of human activity but massive scientific evidence that it is a perfectly natural process.  This is the greatest deception ever perpetuated on the human race and as a consequence the UK population in particular will  suffer.  Not only the UK government but parts of the UK press must also be blamed for their biased reporting. Dr Roy Spencer one of NASA`s ,most respected scientists has made the case for natural climate change(see a report in a earlier post on this blog), also over 31 000 graduate scientists take the same view(, and in addition around 700 leading climate scientists on the Environment committee web site of the US Congress.  by contrat how many support the IPCC summaries for policy makers?   Sixty maybe seventy!  With an eye on the next juicy grant!
               Reconstruction of paleoclimatological carbon dioxide concentrations demonstrates that carbon dioxide levels today are near their lowest level since the Cambrian era when levels were 20 times what they are today with no runaway greenhouse effect.  In past ice ages carbon dioxide levels have been much higher than today.
                    Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but an essential gas for life.  The American Association for Industrial Health says that levels of carbon dioxide would have to be 100 000ppm(parts per million) before it would affect human health.  At present it is a mere 387 ppm, the lowest in history.  In fact it is dangerously low with potentially serious consequences for human breathing.     The earth has warmed around half a degree since 1950 and is now entering a cooling period. Dr M Latif one of the IPCC chief scientists has confirmed this and Dr Jones of CRU(climate research unit)  fame at the University of East Anglia has said in a BBC intervew in February this year that "there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995"   So why all the fuss about carbon dioxide?    In the MWR(Medieval Warm Period 950-1300)  temperatures were at least  four degrees higher than today, even in the 1930s and 1940s temperatures were higher than today.  We need to see an increase in carbon dioxide levels not a decrease.  The recommended levels of carbon dioxide in workplaces for a eight hour day is about 5000ppm with concert goers experiencing levels of 10 000ppm with no ill affects!  The US department of Agriculture has determined that a one percent increase in carbon dioxide boosts crop yields by 8 percent!  Those with respiratory problems are often given increased levels of carbon dioxide up to 130 times todays level.   The health protection agency of the UK in its report on climate in 2008 concluded that " no change in heat related deaths
occurred during the period 1971-2003".  This was a warming period!  Dr H Macabee a speaker at the 4th Heartland Climate Conference in Chicago in May noted that even if the IPCC was correct about a  temperature rise later this century  of four degrees it would prevent an estimated  170 million deaths by 2100!   So why the haste to reduce carbon dioxide levels?  Do some of these alarmists have another agenda?     The earth would greatly prosper with more carbon dioxide as happened under the Vikings when they populated Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period
                     The manipulation of the surface temperature record highlighted by Joseph D`Aleo and Anthony Watts in their massive SPPI paper would indicate strong doubts exist as to the reliability of temperature records from surface stations.  The removal of many of those stations in cooler locations is of particular concern.  The Russian authorities strongly criticised the Met office for not using threequarters of their stations most of which were in cooler regions of Russia!    Falling carbon dioxide levels would seriously impact life
as we know it, reducing agricultural production for a growing population and increasing the liklihood of food shortages and famine.  Reducing carbon dioxide levels will lead to many deaths.  Is there a connection between this carbon dioxide reduction and those who advocate a reduction in the earth`s population?  

Dr Roy Spencer leading US NASA scientist maintains climate sensitivity is low

           Dr Roy Spencer(http;// the US science team leader for the advanced microwave scanning radiometer flying on the NASA Aqua satellite maintains that satellite evidence shows that climate sensitivity is low. As a result he maintains external forcing(greenhouse , sun etc) is not needed. Dr Spencer has done recent work on the response of clouds to warming.   He says that small fluctuations in atmospheric and oceanic circulation systems can cause small changes in average cloudiness so external forcing is not needed.  Most climate change is the result of the climate system itself!  (personal communication with Dr Spencer).

         Comparing the NOAA  temperature measurements which are thermometer based and which have spurious issues associated with them(see  Surface Temperature Record by D`Aleo and Watts) with satellite data would indicate that the satellite temperature data points to 2010 being cooler than the El Nino 1998 year. With significant global ocean cooling taking place this will be reflected in the measurements of the troposphere.
(see  Dr R Spencer The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature fooled the World`s Top Climate Scientists)  available from Amazon books on the internet.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New paper: Surface Temperature Record: Policy Driven Deception?

           This new paper by Joseph D`Aleo and Anthony Watts two of America`s most respected and experienced meteorologists can be found on the SPPI ( site, click on "papers".  This 200 page work details the manipulation, exaggeration and deception behind much of the global warming movement today.  They conclude that the instrument temperature data for the pre satellite era 1850-1980 has been so widely systematically and uni-directionally tampered with that it cannot be credibly asserted there has been any significant global warming in the 20th century.  Indeed this squares with the recent comment by Dr Phil Jones of CRU at the University of East Anglia  in a recent BBC interview in which he said "his surface temperature data are in such disarray they probably cannot be verified or replicated".
           They note that global terrestrial temperature data are compromised because more than three quarters of the 6000 stations that once reported are no longer being used in data trend analysis.  The NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) stations lost around the world have a bias toward higher latitude,higher altitude and rural locations, all of which have a tendency to be cooler.
             They found that all terrestrial surface temperature databases exhibit signs of urban heat pollution and post measurement adjustments that render them unreliable for determining long term temperature trends.
Contamination by urbanization, changes in land use, improper siting and inadequately calibrated instrument upgrades further increased uncertainty. Satellite temperature readings from 1980 onwards show an increasing divergence from the terrestrial stations consistent with evidence of a warm bias in the surface temperature record.  Dr Wilson Flood has an analysis of the CET(Central England Temperature) record, the longest in the world which is included in this paper.  He finds the average summer 18th century temperature to be 15.46degC compared with 15.35degC for the 20th century!   In other words UK summers in the 20th century have been cooler than those of two centuries previously.!  So much for global warming!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Resisting the Green Dragon - an answer to today's environmentalism



If you want to understand the world view,theology,ethics,and politics of the green movement then this new book, due out this Autumn by South African Christian physicist Dr James Wanliss is for you. Without doubt one of the greatest threats to society and the church today is the multi faceted environment movement. Although its reach is often subtle, there is not an aspect of life that it doesn`t seek to force into its own mould. Indeed the threat of the environment movement to the church and to the gospel is one of the most serious challenges facing the church today.

  • environmentalism has become a new religion, indeed a judge in GB last September labelled it just that, a new religion on a par with traditional religion.

  • environmentalism`s policies are devastating to the worlds poor.

  • environmentalism threatens the sanctity of life.

  • environmentalism is threatening our youth.

  • environmentalism`s reach is global

Resisting the Green Dragon published by the evangelical Cornwall Alliance in the US takes its cue from James4v7: “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”
Learn how the Bible powerfully confronts environment fears and shows how in God`s wise design humans and nature can thrive together.
When many Christians think it pious to uncritically embrace doom and gloom ecology and demands for slowed economic development and growth, reduced consumption, and government imposed austerity, Dr Wanliss shows how they compromise the Biblical faith and promote unbiblical asceticism, supported by wrong science and flawed economics leading to policies that oppress the poor while enriching the powerful.
More important ,he outlines a clear Biblical understanding of earth stewardship-the fulfillment of God`s first command to humanity, the dominion mandate to “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” Genesis 1v28.
At the same time he faithfully proclaims the gospel of reconciliation with God for sinners, justified by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone, thus obeying Christ`s last command on earth, the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations (...) teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you” Matthew 28 v19-20. 
Dr Calvin Beisner national spokesperson for the Cornwall Alliance for the stewardship of Creation says “sincere Christians searching for a clear understanding of how to be good stewards of God`s earth while loving their neighbours and faithfully representing Jesus Christ and his glorious gospel will find Resisting the Green Dragon irresistible!”

The 2010 great Russian heat wave. Was it due to us? Is the earth warming or cooling? What about the hundreds dead in South America due to the cold? A state of emergency has been declared in Peru, not even mentioned by the biased press. I attended the Heartland Institute 4th International Climate Science conference in Chicago in May as an invited speaker, a conference addressed by 80 of the worlds leading climate scientists from 23 different countries. The message of the conference was clear that present climate change is a natural development due mainly to the changing path of the Jet stream and to the changing sun. It has nothing to do with carbon emissions as a result of human activities.

We are faced with the greatest deception ever perpetuated on the human race and a deception if not stopped which has the potential to bring down the western democracies. Since the earth came out of the Little Ice Age 250 years ago there has been a natural warming interspersed with periods of cooling. Present carbon dioxide levels are the lowest in history and indeed so low they could be a danger to human breathing. In the MWP(Medieval Warm Period) from 950-1300AD temperatures have been much warmer than today by as much as four degrees with no harm to human development. The Vikings brought agriculture development to Greenland at that time. Likewise in the past carbon levels were much higher, as much as 20 times todays level with no harmful effects.

For 80 percent of past history earth temperatures have been 22 celsius while today it is around 14 celsius. On a historical basis we have cooled not warmed!
Satellite evidence, the most accurate, shows that the earth has been cooling since 2001(see included graphic) and even Dr Jones the scientist at the centre of the leaked e-mails scandal at the University of East Anglia , the climategate affair,admitted in a BBC interview in February that “there has been no statistically significant global warming since1995.” However carbon levels are still rising yet the earth is cooling. This is not rare as in past ice ages carbon dioxide levels have been much higher than today. The Russian heat wave is due to an atmospheric block with stationary high pressure over Moscow. The same phenomenon happened over the eastern US last winter which suffered its coldest winter for fifty years. It has nothing to do with humans. Both the Russian heat wave this year and the Pakistan floods have been due to the static European and US northern jet stream which stopped for ten days or so . The jet stream is a high altitude fast moving air current which circles the earth from West to East. During this time a blocking event has brought this northern jet stream to a halt keeping weather patterns over Russia stationary. The jet stream has also brought dry air from eastern Africa into Russia which has allowed the fires to burn. NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in the US has announced that the Russian heat wave was 100 percent natural and nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions. In Russia more land is below average temperatures than above average temperatures.

Letter on wind farms published in "Scotland on Sunday" newspaper

The Editor
Scotland on Sunday

26 July 2010


Dear Sir
I refer to the article by Jenny Fyall in Scotland on Sunday (25July)
Wind Farms only giving half power”.
Wind farms are actually increasing carbon emissions. In a paper published on the web site Master Resource, electrical engineer Kent Hawkins has shown that when wind power surpasses 5 percent of power generated, the frequent ramping up and ramping down of the other base load power sources (either fossil fuel or nuclear)
to compensate for winds unpredictable variability causes such inefficiency in power generation that overall carbon emissions rise! Hawkins found this when studying power sources in the Netherlands, Colorado and Texas.
The energy company E.ON in their evidence to the House of Lords parliamentary committee noted that for every 1000MW of installed wind capacity another 900MW of back up capacity, fossil fuel or nuclear, is needed for times when the wind does not blow. These back up plants are run intermittently so they will increase carbon emissions. Germany has about 20 000 turbines which has meant that five extra coal fired plants have had to be built. Not one coal fired electricity plant has been taken out of service as a result of building these wind turbines. Also wind turbines operate at low efficiences around 25 percent at best, so 1000MW of capacity will only give 250MW of actual electricity at best. Dr R Dixon is wrong to associate 20 percent of Danish electricity with wind power. In fact about half of Denmark`s electricity is produced at the wrong time when it is not needed and so has to be exported to other Nordic countries at a loss to the Danish economy but paid for by the Danish consumers. Wind turbines in various locations such as California are responsible for the massacre of thousands of birds of prey including thousands of golden eagles and other such birds. There are also question marks regarding effects on health of humans who live near them.

Terri Jackson Msc MPhil MInstP AMInstMechEngineers
Professional scientist