Wednesday, 22 December 2010

CLIMATE CHANGE is NATURAL, NOT MAN MADE. New book by Terri Jackson

       Terri Jackson, founder of the Energy Group at the Institute of Physics, London and speaker at the Heartland Institute International climate change conference in Chicago in May this year, has written this short concise new publication on climate change. Essentially it brings out the main points about the AGW climate fraud, showing that carbon dioxide far from being a pollutant is an essential gas for our survival, preventing heart attacks, saving lives and promoting prosperity.  Also exposed are the lies that the small 20th century warming is unique. With research data from many leading climate scientists from around the world it is clear that in the past history of the earth temperatures have been much higher than today with no harmful effects. For the last 600 million years the average earth temperature for 80 percent of the time has been 22 celsius compared to 14 celsius today.(   Professor C R Scotese Professor of Geology University of Texas.)   Carbon dioxide levels in the Ordovician Era which was largely an ice age were ten times what they are today. Also Professor Ian Plimer Professor of Environmental Geology at the University of Adelaide confirms that pollen samples taken from Baffin Island proves that the earth temperature 5000 years ago was five degrees warmer than today. ( see Heaven and Earth, available from Amazon Books).  The Medieval Warm Period, 950-1300AD  was at least four degrees warmer than today. Read also about the recent Wilkes Land Glacial History expedition off the coast of Antartica which confirmed that Antarctica was once a sub tropical paradise with increasing carbon dioxide levels and high temperature and which did NOT revert to a catastrophic overheating  but instead changed quickly to a barren ice covered wilderness, what we see today.  The exact opposite of what the alarmists predict for the earth today.
                This valuable new publication is available direct from Terri Jackson by e-mailing  or from the American publisher Stairway Press, 1500 A East College Way #554.  Mount Vernon WA 98273, USA.  contact

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Over 1000 climate scientists from around the globe dissent from the AGW theory

                 Over 1000 climate scientists from around the globe have now challenged man made global warming claims made by  the UNIPCC and former Vice President Al Gore. They have added their names to the Environment and Public Works committee web site of the US Congress. This new 320 page 2010 report produced as a ClimateDepot Special ( see includes many current and former UNIPCC scientists who have now turned against the IPCC.  This includes another 300 added since March 2009.
     Particularly relevant to the debate is the report of the Non Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
Climate Change Reconsidered which includes the names of over 31 000 graduate scientists who all dissent from the antropogenic global warming unproven theory. (see pages 745-855 of

    Other web sites of  interest in exposing the agw deception include:
Climate Realists
Science and Public Policy Institute
Global warming policy policy forum   www,  
Weather Action forecasters London
Censorship at the Institute of Physics, London.  Article on global cooling for London branch of Institute of Physics withdrawn (2009).  click on issue index/13 August 2009/Institute denies---      

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Cancun Communists

     In case anyone is in any doubt about the communist policies of the Cancun Climate Conference in Mexico just listen to the IPCC official Ottmar Edenhoffer who said just prior to the conference start "one must say clearly that we re-distribute defacto the world`s wealth by climate policy.  Obviously the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environment policy anymore".   So there it is as clear as crystal the central doctrine of communism, the re-distribution of wealth from the bad West such as the US and the UK to any other tyranical dictator who comes along!    The Bolivian President Eva Morales made no bones about the aim of UN climate policy when she said "the principle objective of the conference would be to save the planet from capitalism".  (Reports from the Calgary Herald 16 December 2010).

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cancun Climate Conference failure, renewables subsidies leading to increased UK electricity bills.

   The Cancun Climate Conference in Cancun Mexico has ended in failure with no binding targets for carbon reductions.  Russia has indicated that they will not renew the Koyoto climate agreement when it comes up for renewal in 2012.  This taken in conjunction with the collapse of the Chicago Carbon Exchange where the carbon price dropped to  a mere 5 cents a ton, and the political wipe out of the climate alarmists in the November US Congress elections proves that the whole antropogenic (man made) climate movement is in retreat.
         Regarding home turf here in the UK we note the rising costs of our electricity bills due to the massive subsidies given to uncompetitive renewable power sources such as wind power. The GWPF(global warming policy foundation) reports that the UK pays £1 billion a year in subsidies for renewable energy which translates into an average increase of £80 in electricity bills for every home in the country!.  They also report that the uSwitch comparison web site predicts that by 2020 this will rise to a massive extra £500 per year for every home in the UK.  The Thanet proposed wind farm off the coast of England will receive a tax payer subsidy of £60 million and will produce only 75MW of power at best.  This compares with a fossil fuel power plant, oil, gas or coal, ten times the size at 750MW which could be built for the same cost but with no subsidy.!  Electricity consumers are right to be extremely angry with the Conservative Lib Dem coalition government