Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cornwall Alliance: Green death toll dwarfs that of the Holocaust and Stalins purges combined.

                Dr Calvin  Beisner national spokesperson for the Cornwall Alliance in the United States( has highlighted the murderous results of the green programme, a death toll that dwarfs that of the Holocaust and Stalins purges combined.  Read about the murders in Uganda and in Hondurus, the land grabs all in the name of so called carbon credits. Read about the death toll as a result of using American corn for ethanol production instead of for feeding the hungry in Africa and in underdeveloped countries. The death toll  as a result of banning DDT going into millions!  Those who value the sanctity of human life must realise the green movement is their greatest enemy.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

EU carbon trading scheme pays for murder of 23 farmers in Honduras

                 this is the shocking heading on the Lubos Motl blog.   Motl a physicist from the Czech Republic reveals another shocking story about violence and murder involving the climate alarmists. Farmers in northern Honduras have had their land stolen by the agricultural corporations who are converting their arable land to palm oil plantations.This is to to produce biodiesel  biofuels. The land conversion was permitted by the Honduras government. For these changes the agricultural corporations  are paid huge amounts of money by the European carbon crooks. The farmers  tried to take back their land but were murdered by the private militias working to reduce the so called "carbon footprint".  Motl reports that it is the European carbon trading scheme that has offered even more money.  The climate alarmists in Europe are entirely responsible for this latest episode of murder. Motl reports that a board member of the United  Nations so called cdm(clean development mechanism) has explained that the murderers will get their money.  So the land thieves and  mass murderers get their millions from the EU.  they lie, steal and murder and get paid!    Valuable arable land that should be used to produce  crops and food for the hungry, is instead used to feed the financial appetites of the carbon elites while tens of thousands die of hunger in the horn of Africa and in Haiti and other locations.