Thursday, 2 October 2014

Owen Patterson: Fight against Climate Change `May cause more harm than global warming` Times report 28 September.

                   Measures to combat climate change may be causing more damage than current global warming says former environment secretary Owen Paterson.  He attacked the "wicked green blob" of environmentalists for failing to explain the pause in global warming.  (report Matt Dathan, the Times 28 September 2014.)     He goes on "there has not been a temperature increase now for probably 18 years, some say 26 years.  So the pause is old enough to vote, to join the army, to pay its taxes.  We were never told the pause was coming along and nobody explains why the pause is suddenly going to disappear and we`re going to get back on the track upwards.  So I am concerned that the measures being taken to counter projected dangers may actually be causing more damage now than those dangers"  The Times report 28 September.

(Note: in spite of the self appointed so called "environment experts" who write for papers like the Guardian, the Times and other such media like the BBC,  mounting scientific evidence indicates that they are wrong. Carbon dioxide emissions are coming not from human use of fossil fuels but from natural causes such as plant decomposition and ocean de-gassing.  This is the evidence from satellites such as the Japanese IBUKU and backed by leading atmospheric physicists such as Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT in the US. The latest paper from the Meteorology Group from Wageningen University ,the Netherlands Institute for Atmospheric Research Utrecht found that only 15ppm out of the present 400ppm of atmospheric CO2 is man made, the remainder of the 400ppm is from land use changes and natural sources such as plant respiration and ocean outgassing! (see Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14, 7273-7290, 2014.( when will the  self appointed experts" who write for the aformentioned press take note of reality?).

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