Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Green Terror and Murder in Uganda

                    armed troops burn down homes, kill children to evict Ugandans all in the name of global warming.   this was the shocking heading on Alec Jones internet site on 23 September. Alec Jones television channel is a major news channel in the US.  Reporter Paul J Watson relates the story(also reported in the New York Times and the UK Guardian) of how climate alarmists launched terror and bloodshed in Uganda against defenceless villagers, some of whom were in church at the time. The troops were reported to be acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank.  the report goes on to relate they burned down houses and killed children to evict Ugandans in the name of seizing land to protect against "global warming". the evictions were ordered by the New Forests Company which seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the "carbon credits" on to transnational corporations.  the company is backed by the World Bank and by the HSBC bank. Its board of Directors includes the managing director of HSBC and other former Goldman Sachs investment bankers.  Villagers told how armed "security" forces torched their houses, burning an eight year old child to death as they threatened to murder anyone who resisted.
  An Oxfam report documents how this British company has worked with the Ugandan government to forcibly expel over 20 000 people from their homes using terror and violence as part of a lucrative scramble for arable land that can be used to satisfy the multi billion dollar carbon trading ponzi scheme. The manufactured  threat of man made global warming is being used as a tool to seize land, thereby preventing poor nations from using their own resources to develop and also literally starving poverty stricken people to death.  The Obama administration supports this policy of keeping such countries underdeveloped.  Little wonder that the Washington Times called recently for his immediate impeachment.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Times Atlas publishes false information on Greenland. Cambrige Polar Institute

         The latest edition of the famous Times Atlas has been ridiculed by the Scott Polar Institute at Cambridge University for publishing wrong information about Greenland. The Scott Polar Institute has among its staff the renowned glaciologist Professor Julian Dowdeswell.   The Times Atlas latest edition has made 15 percent of Greenland green and ice free as a result of so called global warming.  This claim has been disputed by the Scott Polar Institute as "ludicrous".  Professor Liz Morris said "a serious error had been made".   In the 12 year period concerned less than one percent of the ice had actually melted.   The Arctic region is at present rapidly re-freezing again with recently a new area the size of Manhatten being added every two minutes. The Alec Jones Channel interview with Mark Morano of climatedepot revealed this and further information.  (see  The Times Atlas as a result of this very wrong information has clearly taken a hit regarding its reliability.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nature Journal of Science publishes report rejecting man made climate change

               Nature Journal of Science the worlds most cited scientific periodical has just published the definitive study on global warming that proves the dominant controller of temperature in the earth`s atmosphere is due to galactic cosmic rays and the sun rather than  man.  One of the reports authors Professor Jyrki Kauppinen, summed up his conclusions regarding the potential for man made global warming "I think it is such a blatant falsification".    The study was conducted by CERN, the energy organisation for nuclear research, which invented the world wide web and built the multi billion dollar Large Hadron Collider. The climate study involved scientists representing seventeen of Europe`s and America`s top research institutes. (see
           For Nature to publish research that eviscerates the man made climate theory heralds a massive rejection by academia of support for the UN Framework Convention on climate change.   After hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars of costs the man made global warming theory is headed for the dustbin of history.   However it remains to be seen what more damage to the western economies the politicians will do with their crazy policies-policies that are destroying both the United States and the UK. (Report in