Monday, 30 June 2014

Green subsidies in UK at new high. Figures reveal UK public being misled by UK political leaders..

                     The cost of green electricity has reached a record high in the UK due to growing subsidies for offshore wind turbines and household solar panels, a report by Emily Gosden and James Kirkup (Telegraph Sunday 29 June).  The annual bill to consumers to subsidise renewable technologies has exceeded £2.5 billion as more turbines are built. The cost has risen from £54.26 per MWh in 2011-2012  to the latest £66.97 per MWh in 2012-2013.  The cost of subsidies for solar panels on household roofs has also escalated from £150 million to £500 million.  This exposes the nonsense from the leaders of the three main parties, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems and Labour that rising electricity bills are due to the "big six" energy companies.  Absolute nonsense!   The rise in electricity bills  is entirely due to subsidies for green technologies.   That is why the Danish energy minister Rasmus Petersen announced recently that Denmark is abandoning wind power.   This Danish announcement is not even reported in newspapers like the Guardian(deliberate?).  Denmark is abandoning wind power because it is destroying the Danish economy. If Denmark is abandoning wind power because it is destroying the economy then why is the UK not abandoning wind power?    Please answer Mr Cameron.

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