Monday, 21 April 2014

UN(IPCC) Climate Change Latest Alarmism is Dangerous, Deluded and Dishonest-- Dr Piers Corbyn Fellow Royal Meteorological Society

                Dr Piers Corbyn of  WeatheAction .com the leading London  independent climate site is right when he says"The latest spoutings of the( UN IPCC) CO2 warmists sect are desperate deluded baseless alarmist nonsense which if turned into policy will be a real threat to the world economy and world stability, rather than would any actual changes in climates across the world.  The CO2 climate warmist con and all the anti- scientific parasites, politicians, green spongers and climate tourists it supports must be destroyed"  31 March 2014.   He goes on to say "the latest IPCC screechings are not science but a self serving political scam to deceive, control, manipulate and exploit the populations of countries for which this delusional, anti scientific cancer hold sway.  There is no evidence for CO2 warmist claims , only evidence against."

   He continues " The Jet Stream is the arbiter of extreme weather and real natural climate yet the CO2 theory cannot explain or predict its recent wild behaviour(which happened in previous ice ages), while solar activity has done so and will continue to do so.  All the alarmist claims of the CO2 warmists since 2000 have failed and this latest sad catalogue of zany fiction and alarmist nonsense will also fail."

            Piers Corbyn goes on "  The observed fact is the world is at the beginnings of a predicted natural mini ice age and the many wild extremes to come in a general cooling must be prepared for.   however the IPCC and the thieves kitchen of the UN is pointing the world in the wrong direction from which economies will collapse and millions will die of hunger if the deluded warmist policies, taxes and surcharges are adopted.  We challenge any representative of the CO2 warmist camp to a public evidence based debate.  The difference between us and these fraudsters, climate charlatans and tax grabbers is that we support and carry out the scientific method whereas the CO2 warmist sect and their heirs in the BBC and other media do the opposite"     

Saturday, 12 April 2014

NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Temperature Fraud Expands! Report on Real Science

             Science blogger Steven Goddard( revealed on his Real Science site the fraud at the heart of the NOAA deliberate temperature "adjustments".  Compare the two data graphics below
                                                                                   The first graphic shows the temperature difference between 1934 and 1998 of 0.6celsius degrees, 1.1 Fahrenheit, as stated by NASA in 1999. The original temperature data showed 1934 ,1921,1931and 1953 all warmer than 1998. The second graphic shows the NASA /NOAA "adjusted" 1934 difference as now as 0.2 celsius cooler than 1998!   So the total downward adjustment of 1934 is almost 1.3 degrees Farheneit relative to 1998.  Goddard told Fox News "the adjusted data is meaningless garbage.  It bears no resemblance to the original temperature data".  University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and leading Nasa scientist Dr Roy Spencer said " "NOAA has made so many adjustments to the data it is ridiculous.  They make recent years relatively warmer". Spencer says that the data does need to be adjusted but not the way NOAA did it. Spencer says that urban weather stations have reported higher temperatures partly because, as a city grows, it becomes a bit hotter. But instead of adjusting directly for that Spencer says that to make the urban and rural weather readings match NOAA"warmed the rural stations to match the urban stations"  which would make it seem as if all areas were getting warmer!!      Nice alarmist move to pretend 1998 was warmer than 1934 when in fact it was cooler.  A pretence that there is  global warming.   Anthony Watts whose site is the world`s most viewed site on global warming and climate change said to Fox News " in the business and trading world people go to jail for such manipulations of data"    Indeed!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Climate Professor quits biased Global Warming IPCC!

               Dutch climate professor Richard Tol has resigned from the Climate Panel of the UN.  Professor Tol disagrees with the biased negative conclusions of the latest UN climate report.  The consequences of climate change are being systematically over estimated says Professor Tol.  In an indictment of the IPCC he says " The (IPCC)Panel is directed from within the environment lobby and not from within the science".  According to Professor Tol a professor of climate economy  the tone of the IPCC latest report is "grossly alarming and apocalyptic".  The consequences of climate change are being over-estimated.  "This over estimation is encouraged by the self selection of authors and references within the panel" he told the Belgian newspaper De Morgen.  He says there are many mediocre researchers in the UN IPCC.   Besides which there are a  number of people who have the right political connections.  The organisation is directed and controlled by people who benefit from climate policy.  Consequently Professor Tol has resigned from the IPCC panel with immediate effect.
                  Note:  The Heartland Institute( Non Governmental Panel on Climate Change have released their second report this week.  Widely discussed on Fox News it cites thousands of citations to peer reviewed scientific papers that "rising temperatures and CO2 levels will not harm humans or the environment".  It has been well received on Fox News in the US.
 Climate Change Reconsidered Web site.