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Professor Lennart Bengtsson latest to suffer discrimination by Instituted of Physics. Terri Jackson founder of the energy(and climate) group discriminated by IOP in 2009

Institute denies censoring 'global cooling' article. This article appeared in the Times Education in 2009. The similarity with Professor Lennart Bengtsson is striking.

13 August 2009                
By ZoĆ« Corbyn                  TIMES EDUCATIONAL 2009         (see also "Institute of Physics again censoring climate debate" Principia scientific International                                  
    A physicist claims she has been "censored" by her learned society after it refused to publish an article questioning global warming that she submitted to a branch newsletter.
Terri Jackson, a former lecturer at Belfast Metropolitan College, has been a member of the Institute of Physics for 30 years and founded its High Energy Physics Group.
In April, she approached the London and South East branch with the offer of an article on "global cooling" for its local newsletter.
She received a positive response from the editor, who commissioned a piece that would "include solid scientific facts and proof" for the autumn issue of the newsletter.
But when she submitted the article, titled "Global cooling has arrived, global warming is dead" last month, she was told it would not be published owing to space constraints.
"It is a flimsy excuse ... they commissioned it about three months previously," Ms Jackson said. She believed the "real reason" for the change of heart was because the article "questioned the whole basis of global warming".
It was "censorship of the worst kind", she said. "It is scientific suppression."
The article, an earlier version of which was published in the Belfast Telegraph newspaper in May, argues the Earth has now "entered a period of global cooling", citing what it says is "overwhelming ... evidence" from various bodies.
In a statement, Beth Taylor, director of communications and external relations at the IoP, says that the institute is not in the business of either "censoring articles" or "publishing them without any proper validation or peer review".
"The right place to publish an article on this kind of topic would not be in a branch newsletter, which is really intended to report branch meetings, outreach activities and other regional events, but in a scientific journal where it would have the benefit of peer review," she says.

The spat came in the same week that IoP journal Environmental Research Letters published a paper titled "Tripping points: Barriers and bargaining chips on the road to Copenhagen", about political barriers to tackling global warming.

                 The treatment of Professor Lennart Bengtssom by the Institute of Physics owned Environment Research Letters reported in the Times newspaper today(16 May 2014) is similar to my treatment in 2009. I was asked by the secretary of the London branch of the IOP to write an article on climate change.However when it was realised that my article criticised global warming it was quickly withdrawn. Professor Bengtsson former Director of the prestigious Hamburg based Max Planck Institute of Meteorology said he suspected intolerance of dissenting views on climate change was preventing his paper from being published.  His paper challenged the findings of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predictions on future climate change based on the erroneous and unscientific theory of man made climate change.The recent  resignation of Professor Richard Toll from the IPCC is further proof of growing dissent.  Lord Lawson is quite right to say that the treatment of Professor Bengtsson was indeed a McCarthy like approach.  It was also in 2009 that the invitation forLord Lawson to speak at the Institute of Physics was withdrawn.  Clearly in the view of many another case of extreme bias. Of course the earth is not warming. There has been no global rise in temperature for seventeen years. The rise that did occur 1970 to 1998 was entirely natural and due to the changing sun and ocean cycles.  Carbon dioxide,a harmless gas essential for life, is coming from high vegetation equatorial areas of the earth confirmed by the Japanese  IBUKU climate satellite(agreed by Professor Richard Lindzen in private communication), also from ocean warming due to the Medieval Warm period (the oceans take hundreds of years to warm)..Japan has sensibly abandoned its carbon dioxide targets. Australian climate science Professor Murry Salby in his recent talk in the House of Commons and at the Scottish Parliament November last year showed that all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be accounted for from natural causes with no reference to humans.(see report

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