Sunday, 30 September 2012

NASA ------cyclonic winds and ocean currents responsible for Arctic ice changes

                 While Arctic sea ice shrinks Antarctic ice expands!   In fact about 2400 Manhattens added overnight!   Nasa now admits that it was mainly cyclonic winds(not global warming) that pushed ice south into warmer waters.   The warming and cooling of both poles goes in cycles.   In a recent study Nasa has said that Antarctic temperatures have been much balmier in the past.(see also report by Cornwall Alliance    The Arctic sea ice shrinkage came in September which is late.  As the Cornwall Alliance notes this suggests ice in July/August was very thin, not requiring much sun to melt it.  Generally ice does not thin from the top indicating that ocean currents may have been the cause,not warm air, as the cause of the thinning and shrinkage.                          
                 The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation transfers heat from hemisphere to hemisphere, cooling one pole and warming the other. (see report by D Hoffman on GWPF site).   The CA also draws attention to the PDO(Pacific Decadel Oscillation), a 30 year ocean current cycle warming and cooling the oceans.  The CA Senior Fellow Dr Roy Spencer University of Alabama Huntsville and lead scientist on the NASA Aqua satellite remote sensing programme believes that the PDO accounts for most of the 20th century global warming.  Also the Arctic has been ice free before,such as in the 1920s with no ill affects.
                   (CA = Cornwall Alliance)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Antarctica Gains 2400 Manhattans of ice overnight!

   The above diagram shows a computation by Steven Goddard revealing the Antarctica has gained 140 000 km2 of ice overnight equivalent to 2400 Manhattans, to reach the sixth highest daily area ever recorded.  See              Climate "experts" in the press tell us that the poles are melting down!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Alabama State Climatologist Dr John Christy demolishes warmists` claims in testimony to US Congress

                     The Alabama State Climatologist Dr John Christy of the University of Alabama in Huntsville in testimony before the House Energy and Power Subcommittee of the US Congress on 20 September 2012, has demolished the claims of the warmist alarmists.  He said that extreme events like the recent US drought will continue to occur ,with or without human causation.  He said that the recent claims about thousands of new record high temperatures were based on stations whose length of record could begin as recently as 1981, thus missing the many heat waves of the 20th century.  So, any moderately hot day now will be publicized as setting records for these young stations because they were not operating in the 1930s.
                  He said that the occurrence of the records by decade makes it obvious that the 1930s were the most extreme decade and that since 1960, there have been more all time cold records set than hot records in each decade.  The clear evidence is that extreme high temperatures are not increasing in frequency.   About 75 percent of the states recorded their hottest temperature prior to 1955!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax

                              This is the title of a new book by Larry Bell Professor of Space Architecture at the University of Houston Texas.   Melting glaciers,suffering polar bears, rising oceans.  These are just a few of the climate change crisis myths debunked by Professor Larry Bell in this explosive new book.  Why and how are some of the world`s most prestigious scientific institutions cashing in on the debate?  Who stands to benefit most by promoting public climate change alarmism?  What true political and financial purposes are served by the vilification of carbon dioxide?   How do climate deceptions promote grossly exaggerated claims for non fossil alternative energy capacities and advance blatant global wealth redistribution goals? Climate of Corruption will bring welcome relief to all those who are fed up with climate crisis insanity.
        Recommended by Professor Fred Singer founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service and Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia.  Also recommended by  Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 Astronaut,  Dr Joseph D`Aleo former Weather Channel Director of Meteorology and weather producer for ABC`s "Good Morning America",, also by John Coleman  Meteorologist and founder of The weather Channel.                                  
               see     also see    

See also the latest article on Dr Michael Mann"Climategate Star Michael Mann Courts Legal Disaster"  by Larry Bell in Forbes Magazine.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Slaying the Sky Dragon--Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory

                      Even before publication, Slaying the Sky Dragon-- Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory was destined to be the benchmark for future generations of climate researchers.  This is the world`s first and only full volume refutation of the greenhouse gas theory of man made global warming.  Lord Monckton was reported  as saying it was "the talk of the UN  2010 Cancun Climate Conference"
                       Eight leading international experts methodically expose how willful fakery and outright incompetence were hidden within the politicized realm of government climatology.   Step by step the reader is shown why the so called greenhouse effect cannot possibly exist in nature.  By deft statistical analysis the cornerstones of climate equations--incorrectly calculated by an incredible factor of three--are exposed, then shattered.    This volume is a must read and the game changer for international environmental policymakers as well as being a joy to read for hard pressed taxpayers everywhere.  Put together by outstanding world scientists including Dr Timothy Ball former Professor of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg, Dr Martin Hertzberg formerly US Naval meteorologist and holder of a Fulbright Professorship, founder of the testing laboratory at the US Bureau of Mines, Professor Claes Johnson Professor of Applied Mathematics ,School of Computer Science and Communications, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm  and others.        

                 This gem of climate science is available from:

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

global changes in Atmospheric CO2 levels Lag global Temperature

  Above diagram from paper by O Humluma et al  "the phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature"    Global and Planetary Change (30 August 2012).  Diagram published with  permission from publisher Elsevier    This paper reveals that since 1980 global temperature change is not being caused by human CO2 emissions.    

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Obama`s Drought of Facts

Contrary to Obama`s linking temperature rise to droughts Dr Patrick Michaels former Arizona state meteorologist in a measure of the Palmer drought severity index (first figure) which is worked out on a weekly basis, shows it to be clearly increasing.  This means that the opposite is happening.  The US is getting wetter!  (report from article Patrick Michaels National Review on line 12 September 2012)
 The second figure from CRU shows that the global temperature has started to decline.  This is in line with Dr Abdussamatov Russian Director of the International Space Station, predictions that the earth is moving into a Little Ice Age phase.  Dr Phil Jones of has recently noted that there has been no temperature rise for 16 years.