Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Latest Guardian Antarctic melting story. Another alarmist scare devoid of scientific truth!. Volcanic activity the real cause!.

                    Principia Scientific International report the latest Guardian climate scare as devoid of scientific truth and logic.    The West Antarctic glaciers are now melting "past the point of no return" (Guardian 12 May 2014) and this will raise world sea levels according to the Guardian!.  This report is about new research that shows an influx of warm sea water is permeating underneath where the glaciers extend into the sea., causing them to melt back with warm water flows under the Ross Ice Shelf.  As PSI report the inference is a human cause with sea level rises worldwide according to Eric Rignot a glaciologist at Nasa.

                   However the melt back cannot raise sea levels as a floating body displaces its own weight of water(the well known Archimedes Principle---apparently the Guardian are unaware of this simple physics law which invalidates their "report"). As independent researcher Dr Bernie Gunn points out  the floating glacial ice will not cause any sea level rise at all!  Also the melting of the glaciers on land will not cause sea level rise as the influx of warm water is not touching that.  As the PSI report notes the worst possible disaster scenario of warm water continuing to get under the glacier fronts cannot increase the sea level.  Even if it melted back all the way to the continental body the ocean current or atmospheric temperature would certainly have no affect on land based ice at -40celsius!

                 The truth about the melting ice is the volcanic activity as seismologist Amanda Lough of Washington University in St Louis reports (sci-news.com). She says "a subglacial eruption and the accompanying heat flow will melt a lot of ice----by lubricating the bedrock, it will speed the flow of the overlying ice, increasing the rate of ice-mass loss in West Antarctica"  Note also Professor Doug Wiens of Washing University(1).

                 Compare this non political scientific analysis from these world class seismologists with the biased agenda driven nonsense of "climate scientists" who in the wake of 17 years of no global temperature rises are desperate for a human caused explanation,  the nonsense of blaming it on anthropogenic global warming heat entering the oceans which does not exist.

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