Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mexico`s Oil and Gas Magazine attacks the new eugenics of the green movement

                Mexico`s Oil and Gas Magazine in its April 2014 edition has made a blistering attack on the new eugenics of the green policy.  It is delivered by Mexican biologist Hector Pensado Diaz at a forum of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies on 26 March entitled "Green Policies: Mankind`s Regression".  He said "are we going to let civilization go under with this green  system or will we move to a new paradigm of physical economic development?".  He went on to say ""the de-carbonisation of society, ending the use of fossil fuels which have brought such progress and well being to today`s civilization, are actions which endanger the planet.  The assertion that it is man`s activities that are causing global warming is an unproven assertion."  He also noted that the constant statements of impending doom by the green alarmists and their lackies in the media are driving many children to despair.  Young people do not want to have a family, because they think having children is to pollute.  This is the outworking of the satanic green movement with their constant messages of doom.  It is not surprising that the suicide rate in western countries is increasing at an alarming rate.  the green movement, the movement of death and depopulation.

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