Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Principia Scientific International unveils a new leadership team.

                                 Principia Scientific International(PSI) has just revealed a new leadership team with Imperial College`s John Sanderson the immediate past president of the Royal College of Sciences Association as the new PSI Chairman.  John is a physicist by training and an experienced and skilled administrator.  John will focus on extending PSI`s reach, not only further into academia, but also  where a truly independent voice on scientific issues needs to be heard.  John takes over from Professor Timothy Ball former Professor of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg who guided PSI through its first two formative years.  
                                 With PSI`s growing worldwide membership two new vice chair positions have been created to cope with the demands.  Serving as vice chair (North) will be Dr Pierre Latour, an internationally respected Chemical Engineer of few peers.  Dr Latour`s alma mater, Purdue University`s School of Chemical Engineering has honoured him with their Outstanding Chemical Engineer Award.  Pierre has published 68 papers and was Control magazine`s Engineer of the Year.  He assumes responsibility for guiding PSI in North America and Europe.   The second vice chair is John N. W. Elliston a chemical geologist by training who will be serving as Vice Chair(South) where he will have an open brief to expand PSI`s network of business and academic contacts throughout Australasia.  He has prepared 103 scientific papers and reports and is holder of the Order of Australia for his services to the Australian mining industry.
Report from Terri Jackson membership officer Principia Scientific International

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Spectacular Miscalculation! Estimates of the Earth`s Warming totally false!

The above graphic discussed on the Global Warming Policy Foundation(Dr Whitehouse) site and also published in the Washington Times this week clearly shows that the global earth temperature has been standing still for at least 16 years and is now starting to fall.!.  This has been ignored by the pro government media, some alarmist climate scientists "rent seeking scientists as Lord Monckton has often referred to them"  scientific institutions and others.   The global temperature is radically changing in a downward direction in full agreement with the changing total solar irradiance as predicted by Dr Abdussamatov of the Polkovo Observatory in St Petersburg,  the world`s leading solar physicist.  The  climate models used by the alarmists are shown to be completely wrong. There is a message here for the likes of Dr Beddington the UK government retiring chief scientist.  It is not carbon dioxide that is changing the climate  Dr Beddington,   it is a natural change as a result of the changing sun.  Rather than the global warming of the alarmists we are heading for a new Little Ice Age. (skating on the Thames again!)