Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Genocide the real aim of the global warming swindle!----Lord Monckton interview.

 Some time ago the influential journal 21st Century Science and Technology interviewed Lord Christopher Monckton.   The following  is their record of this interview.

                 Lord Monckton said that the intention in promoting the global warming fraud, was never about the climate but was always about setting up world government. He reiterated his view that the motive for promotion of the triple frauds of global warming, biofuels and the DDT scare is the genocidal reduction of the world population, especially in Third World nations.  Lord Monckton has special authority in stating this as his grandfather played a key role in arranging the 1936 abdication of that chief symbol of Britain`s Nazi loving aristocracy,  King Edward VIII, as part of the effort by anti fascists to crush the Hitler project in Britain.

               He restated his view that the global warming scare is the third genocide being committed against the world`s population.  He said people are dying all over the world, of starvation caused by the biofuels scam which came out of the global warming scare.  The other two genocides that Monckton speaks about are the banning of DDT which has so far caused the deaths of 40 million and has left millions more, mostly children, still infected with  malaria.  Also the failure to properly respond to the AIDS pandemic, by using well established public health measures, including universal testing, and isolation and treatment of the carriers.  This intentional genocide has led to 25 million deaths worldwide and at least 40 million infected. Monckton`s horrifying estimate of the number of persons infected with the HIV virus is only a published estimate by the WHO.   The extent of the HIV infection in the world population is not known since there is still to this day resistance to a policy of universal testing for the HIV virus in the general population.

               At a climate meeting in the US he pointed out that the key to the victory over the cabal pushing world government lies in the United States.  Monckton said " in the end it will be here, in the United States, that the truth will first emerge--------not in Europe, for we are no longer free.   It is here in this great nation founded upon liberty, that the battle for the world`s freedom will be won"

Monday, 23 March 2015

Global Warming data faked by government to fit climate change fictions. Mike Adams in Natural News

                               Mike Adams writing in Natural News(23 June 2014) says that this is  potentially the largest scientific fraud ever uncovered. He says NASA and NOAA have been caught red handed altering historical temperature data to produce a "climate change narrative" that defies reality.  This finding was originally documented on the Real Science website.  Mike Adams goes on " we  know that historical temperature data for the continental United States were deliberately altered by NASA and NOAA scientists in a politically motivated attempt to rewrite history and claim global warming is causing US temperatures to trend upwards.  The data actually shows the earth is in a cooling trend not a warming trend".
                                                                  This is starting to break worldwide across the media with the Telegraph reporting "NOAA`s US Historical Climatology Network(USHCN) has been adjusting its record by replacing real temperatures with data fabricated by computer models".  Adams goes on "because the actual historical temperature record does not fit the friezied doomsday narrative of global warming being fronted today on the political stage, the data were simply altered using "computer models" and then published as fact".

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