Sunday, 14 December 2014

IPCC claim of increasing atmospheric CO2 causing global warming total nonsense! Proof see latest PSI report.

     Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is not causing global warming.  On 16 September 2012 the Arctic sea ice extent set a record minimum, since satellite recording began in 1979, of 3.41 million sq kms(1).  Two years later on 22 September 2014 the Antarctic sea ice extent set a record maximum of 20.11 million sq. kms(2)..   These events corroborate the trends in the satellite lower tropospheric temperature for the polar regions, latitudes 60 degrees to 85 degrees.(see Dr Roy Spencer`s web site(3))..   The data extends from December 1978 until October 2014, a period of 36 years.  It shows the North Polar region having had a rate of rise in average monthly temperature of 0.044096 deg C pa  while the South Polar regions had a rate of fall in temperature of 0.00014 deg C pa.

In contrast data from the station closest to the north pole at Alert  NW Canada(4) provides average monthly atmospheric CO2 measurements with a trend of +1.673 ppm pa for the period July 1975 to Dec 2013.  Data from the NOAA station at the south pole(5) gave  an almost identical trend +1.672ppm   pa for the recording period 1978 to 2013.

The north pole satellite temperature trend equates to a rise in temperature of 1.54336 deg C in 35 years while the Alert trend line equates to a rise in CO2 of 58.57ppm or 17.39%.
 The south pole satellite temperature trend equates to a drop in temperature of 0.0049 deg C in 35 years period while the NOAA data trend line equates to a rise in CO2 of 58.52ppm or 17.47%.   Trend line calculations are quoted here because of the difference in seasonal variations between the north and south poles due to the large differences in land area and vegetation cover which generates those variations.                                                                                                 So here is clear evidence that not only does increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration not cause global warming of the earth surface, as exhibited by the south polar region, but the surface temperature is independent of a change in CO2 .   The IPCC claim of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration causing global warming is patently false!  

PSI report by Bevan Dockery PSI Researcher


Thursday, 4 December 2014

NCEP temperature data at odds with alarmist predictions!

NCEP = National Centre for Environmental Prediction(Part of NOAA).    Acknowledgement to (P Gosselin).

Greenhouse gases are not needed! The sun does it all! Stefan Boltzmann equation

                      The IPCC alarmists assume that the earth is flat and that the sun shines 24/7. However we live on a sphere rotating once every 24 hours. the earth is not flat and the sun does not shine at night. Solar energy input is 1370w/m2. Reduce for albedo(0.3) so adsorption is 1370x7/10 = 960w/m2.  This to be divided over a hemisphere so the average is 480w/m2 which is more than enough for 33 celsius. This completely negates the IPCC assumption that but for greenhouse gases the earth surface would be 33 degrees colder! also most of the energy interchange on the earth is by conduction, convection and latent heat exchange----not by radiation.  It is water vapour that causes the mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures to be lower because its radiating properties work against the gravitationally induced temperature gradient in the troposphere.  this lowers the gradient and thus lowers the supporting temperature by about 10 to 12 degrees

                 (Stefan Boltzmann equation for hemisphere:
                                        480=sigmaT4    sigma=5.67x10-8.   this gives T as about 316K more than enough for 33 celsius.  greenhouse gases are not needed!)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Real Consensus

   Acknowledgements to Joanne Nova in Australia and to wattsupwiththat blog