Thursday, 29 January 2015

The hypocracy of the climate alarmists movement.

   acknowledgements to Henry Payne 29 January 2015 and Townhall

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dr Shrinivas Aundhkar (India), Dr Luedecke and Dr Weiss(European Institute for Climate and Energy) predict an approaching new ice age!

                          Dr Shrinivas Aundhkar(see image)  Director of the Mahatma Gandhi Mission at the Centre for Astronomy and Space Technology in India says declining sunspot numbers in the last two solar cycles could mean a mini ice age like situation is approaching.(reported in the Times of India 21 January 2015). He said that the recently concluded solar cycle was the longest and quietest minimum phase in the last 100 years.
                     German scientists Horst-Joachim Luedecke  and Carl-Otto Weiss of the European Institute for climate and energy have predicted a century of global cooling based on declining solar activity and ocean oscillation cycles!.(reported in the Daily Caller January 2015). They single out the de Vries cycle, a 200 year solar cycle using data from cave stalagmites.  They are predicting a global temperature drop until 2100 corresponding to the Little Ice Age of 1870!  A recent BBC report noted that Professor Mike Lockwood of Reading University as saying he believed solar activity is now falling more rapidly than at any time in the last 10 000 years. He used data from isotopes in ice cores.
In the Little Ice Age there was a drop in temperature of 2-3 degrees in the northern hemisphere.
(see report in Principia Scientific International http;//

 .  See also 2015/01/21/space-scientist-fears-return-of-mini-ice-age/

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Subsidies for wind turbines stopped in House of Commons vote!

ten minute rule bill to outlaw public suibsidies for wind turbines has just been voted through in the UK House of Commons    The vote in the UK House of Commons was passed by two votes 59 to 57. The support of the two UKIP  MPs was decisive.  Billions of pounds have been deliberately diverted away from more efficient ways of generating electricity into wind farms.  This is a huge step forward for reliable fossil fuel generating electricity.