Saturday, 15 November 2014

US Republicans reject Obama`s lying "climate" deal.

    Having been heavily defeated in the US Mid term elections with the Democratic party suffering its worst drubbing for decades Obama snubs his nose at the democratic process and proceeds to "use" China for his own devious ends.  Senate minority leader McConnell and house speaker Boehner both rejected such a deal which requires China to do nothing for sixteen years while the US suffers with unnecessary carbon dioxide regulations destroying its economy and making the poor poorer still. You are a liar Mr Obama.The only people who support you are the British monarchy and the Guardian.
               The latest scientific paper from the Netherlands Institute for Atmospheric Research reveals that of the 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere a mere 15ppm comes from human burning of fossil fuels.  The remainder comes from natural sources such as plant decomposition in equatorial regions and ocean de-gassing.  (Supported by the two leading atmospheric physicists in the world, Professor Richard Lindzen(US) and Professor Murry Salby(Australia). There will be votes on a resolution disavowing Obama`s new commitments in both the House and Senate early in the 114th Congress. That will complicate the State Department`s plans to announce its commitments to the Paris accord in 2015. (Myron Ebell  12 November 2014).

          Report by Terri Jackson Msc MPhil    Founder of the Energy and Climate Group Institute of Physics, London.

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