Sunday, 15 June 2014

India labels Greenpeace a threat to national economic security.

                            Watts up with that blog( of Anthony Watts reports that India has called Greenpeace a threat to national economic security.
                An Indian Intelligence Bureau report on foreign funded NGOs dated 3 June has been submitted to the Prime Minister`s office and was first reported by the Indian Express.  The report accuses Greenpeace of contravening laws to "change the dynamics of India`s energy mix".  They accuse Greenpeace of anti nuclear agitations and to have mounted " massive efforts to take down India`s coal fired power plants and coal mining activity".  The IB report sees Greenpeace as the prime mover of mass based movements against development projects. It also accuses Greenpeace "actively aided and led by foreign activists visiting India" of violating the provisions of the Foreign Contribution (regulation) Act of 2010.    With the controversy over the activities of Greenpeace in Russia one would have thought that their imprisonment in Russia would have taught them a lesson.  But apparently not, no sooner are they our of a Russian prison they are now annoying the Indian government.

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