Saturday, 26 November 2011

British industries deserting Britain due to climate taxes.

                 British industries are starting to leave Britain because of the green climate taxes imposed by Cameron`s government. A recent report on the GWPF web site reveals Rio Tinto Alcan is closing its Northumberland aluminium smelting plant in north-east England, a direct result of EU climate legislation.  This is devastating for an area that is already suffering high unemployment. In 1913 it would have faced a massive tax of about £56 million to enable it to comply with EU and UK carbon legislation.The huge chemical industry contributes a massive £30 million a day to the UK economy.  New green legislation is starting to force closures and an exodus to foreign countries. The GWPF report cites the chief executive of the Chemical Industries Association who told the BBC News that he feared that more British job losses were imminent!   He said that the direction of travel will be out of the UK!  In the English Midlands an area famous for its pottery factory after factory has had to close because of ant carbon taxes. The Steel giant Tata which employs over 21 000 people has warned the British government that its planned investment programme of over £1.2 billion will be put at risk because of green policies.
          The truth is that the Cameron Clegg government green policies are destroying industry in the UK.  The day must surely come when these people are chased from office.  Listen to what Professor John Christy former lead author of the discredited IPCC  now said to the Chris Smith Australian Chat Show earlier this year.  He said "a carbon tax will not lower the earth temperature. It is impossible for humans to change the climate"

                                  repeal the climate change act

Friday, 18 November 2011


               US senator James Inhofe leading member of the US Senate Committee on the Environment has called for an investigation into human rights violations alledgedly sanctioned by the UN climate policies. (Reports by Paul J Watson on Alex Jones`s web site  23 September 2011, also reported in the New York Times and in the UK Guardian).  Over 20 000 Ugandan farmers have been brutally kicked off their lands, houses burned down with at least one child being burnt to death, Ugandans attacked while at church services.   Also in another climate land grab in Hondurus 23 farmers are reported to have been murdered! Senator Inhofe in a letter to secretary of State Hiliary Clinton has asked her to conduct an investigation into these shocking violations alledgedly sanctioned by the UN Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC) in its efforts to promote offsets for so called greenhouse gas emissions.  Senator Inhofe says if these reported violations are not addressed he will offer an amendment that will cut off all US funding to the UNFCCC.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

German Professor calls Mann`s "hockey stick" graph a nasty fabrication!

                      German Professor Richard Dronskowski of Aachen University has slammed global warming science and has called Dr Michael Mann`s "hockey stick" graph on global temperature "a very nasty fabrication designed to spread fear".   Professor Dronskowski is both a physicist and a chemist.  He has a faculty position at the solid state and Quantum chemistry department at the RWTH Aachen and is the winner of the physics Otto Hahn award of the Max Planck Society.  He is a member of the German Physical Society and the American Chemical Society.
(report:  13 November 2011)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Polar bear numbers at record high! Report in International Business Times

                    The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that the polar bear population is currently about 20 000/25 000 which is up from 5000/6000 in the 1950`s and 1960`s.  A 2002 US Geological Survey of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain noted that the polar bear population may be near an historic high!. Report in International Business Times 2 August 2011.
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Arctic temperatures and ice-why it is all about natural variability. Joe D`Aleo

                     Leading American meterologist Joe D`Aleo analyses the changing Arctic temperatures and concludes it is all due to natural variability and has nothing to do with humans. He states "The Arctic temperature and Arctic ice extent varies in a very predictable 60-70 year cycle that relates to ocean cycles which are likely driven by solar changes" He went on to relate that Nasa scientists in 2007 reported that after years of research they had data showing that normal decade long changes in Arctic ocean currents driven by a circulation known as the Arctic Oscillation were largely responsible for the major Arctic climate shifts.  Read more:  

Earliest snowfalls in the US since the end of the Civil War!

                  Single day snow fall records in October were all broken over Halloween in the US with 20 cities from Maryland to Maine recording huge snowfalls. The snow just keeps coming with over two feet of snow in parts of Massachusetts!  On California`s Mammoth Mountain the snow measured an incredable 728percent above normal! In Washington  Crystal Mountain broke its all time snowfall record.  In early June Utah`s Snowbird ski resort reported snow at 525 percent above normal. Glaciers are growing in the US. In Montana`s Glacier National park glaciers are gaining volume.  Glaciers are growing in California, Alaska and Washington state. A sure sign of an approaching ice age. read more:   Why do we not hear more about this from the British media?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Non Governmental Panel on Climate Change Report published.

           This new report"Climate Change Reconsidered" just published this Autumn(2011) by the Heartland Institute, Chicago is coauthored by Dr Craig Idso of the Centre for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change,  Dr Robert Carter(James Cook University, Australia)  and Dr Fred Singer(USA).  Read the truth about climate change. Go to the Heartland Institute ( and order your copy today!     Do not be fooled by the climate alarmists read the truth about climate today in this new report..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Japanese IBUKU satellite data shows least carbon emissions come from US and Europe!

               Japanese TV station NHK World broke this story online on 30 October.  New data from the IBUKU (GOSAT) satellite of the JAXA Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency shows that the areas of highest CO2 emissions are those areas with most vegetation  and least industry such as Equatorial Third World countries. In contrast the data also shows that the Northern USA and Europe, the concreted industrial nations are mopping up CO2 faster than consumers emit CO2!!   Industrial nations are the lowest emitters!!.(Report by John O`Sullivan on