Thursday, 4 December 2014

Greenhouse gases are not needed! The sun does it all! Stefan Boltzmann equation

                      The IPCC alarmists assume that the earth is flat and that the sun shines 24/7. However we live on a sphere rotating once every 24 hours. the earth is not flat and the sun does not shine at night. Solar energy input is 1370w/m2. Reduce for albedo(0.3) so adsorption is 1370x7/10 = 960w/m2.  This to be divided over a hemisphere so the average is 480w/m2 which is more than enough for 33 celsius. This completely negates the IPCC assumption that but for greenhouse gases the earth surface would be 33 degrees colder! also most of the energy interchange on the earth is by conduction, convection and latent heat exchange----not by radiation.  It is water vapour that causes the mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures to be lower because its radiating properties work against the gravitationally induced temperature gradient in the troposphere.  this lowers the gradient and thus lowers the supporting temperature by about 10 to 12 degrees

                 (Stefan Boltzmann equation for hemisphere:
                                        480=sigmaT4    sigma=5.67x10-8.   this gives T as about 316K more than enough for 33 celsius.  greenhouse gases are not needed!)

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