Friday, 29 June 2012

An inconvenient truth. Himalayan glaciers actually gaining ice!

     A new survey of data gleaned from space has shown a vast region of Himalayan glaciers is actually gaining ice steadily. The study compared two sets of space data, the first gathered by instruments aboard the space shuttle Endeavour in 2000 and the second by the French SPOTS5 satellite in 2008. Across the targeted region of the Karakorum mountains lying on the Chinese border with India and Pakistan, the glaciers were found to have gained substantial amounts of mass by the time the second survey was carried out.   The study was led by Dr Julie Gardelle of Grenoble university and published in Nature Geoscience. The new discoveries are in sharp contrast to the general narrative until recently that had assumed that the Asian glaciers were melting rapidly.   As recently as 2007 the IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) formally predicted that all Himalayan glaciers would be gone by 2035.  This was found later to be based on a bogus study issued by the hard green group WWF.  (report in Energy 16 April 2012()

BBC discriminates against London independent weather action scientist Piers Corbyn

             Piers Corbynof London,( the most successful independent weather prediction expert in the world is being discriminated  against by the biased BBC.  Piers appears on almost every television channel in the world, Russian, American except the BBC!   We must ask why has the BBC deleted his recent post on Paul Hudson`s site?      The deliberate black listing of Piers Corbyn on BBC television must be lifted.   The Met office application for £43 million for a new super computer should be refused and instead one percent of that be spent in outsourcing long range forecasts beyond the Met office.

antarctic ice shelves not melting at all. New study by Norwegian Polar Institute

The twenty year old computer models which have been used to suggest serious ice loss in the eastern Antarctic have been compared with reality and found to be false..  The new study by the Norwegian Polar Institute was published in Geophysical Research Letters and in Science on 25 June 2012.  The team`s results show that water temperatures are far lower than computer models predicted.   Tore Hattermann of the NPI announced two years worth of direct measurements below the massive Fimbul Ice Shelf in eastern Antarctic.
Hattermann and his colleagues using 12 tons of hot water drilling equipment, bored three holes more than 200m deep through the Fimbul Shelf, which spans an area roughly twice the size of New Jersey.  They also used information from the MEOP project(Mammal Exploration of the Oceans Pole to Pole) which had sensor packages attached to seals.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

thousands of women march in Rio at the UN Conference to protest against the "green economy"

         Canadian News Yahoo( that on Monday last thousands of women  representing social and farming movements in Brazil marched in central Rio at the UN environment conference to protest against the green economy.  Their banners said  " No to green capitalism!  Yes to people`s sovereignty.  this is a march against this Rio charade!"  All right thinking people will support these women in their attempt to expose what Professor Richard S J Tol, Professor of the Economics of Climate Change and lead author of the IPCC  has described as " the rotten heart" of the green IPCC, a movement that is leading to thousands of African Ugandans being driven from their lands in the name of carbon credits, Honduran farmers murdered,poverty worldwide and especially in under developed countries when politicians like President Obama deny African countries the right to build power plants to bring them out of poverty.  The green movement is anti science and anti God.  All right thinking people will expose this wicked evil movement.

Professor James Lovelock former green leader attacks the green movement.

   Professor James Lovelock former Nasa scientist and for many years the effective leader of the green movement, now attacks that same movement.  He has now admitted that he was wrong in his previous alarmist predictions.  He now says that the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion!   He says sustainable development, the buzz word so beloved by the politicians and the journalist "experts" who write for the broadsheets the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times,  is "meaningless drivel"!!  Going on he says that "we rushed into renewable energy without any thought.  The schemes(mostly wind power) are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant".   Professor Lovelock has a picture of a wind turbine on the wall of his study to remind him how as he says "ugly and useless they are".   As for sea level rises he says "I am not worried about sea level rises"    (taken from press reports in the Daily Mail,  the global warming policy foundation)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Doctored Data, not US Temperatures set a record this year.

    This is the heading of an article by James Taylor Senior fellow at the Heartland Institute Chicago on the 13 June edition of the online   He notes that raw temperature data shows that the US temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than today.  In fact raw temperature data shows a 80 year cooling trend in the US.(see above diagram).  Clearly NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmpspheric Administration) has been "doctoring" the raw temperatures.   Taylor goes on to say that doctoring real world temperature data is part of the alarmist strategy---one of acute deception to mislead the unwary!.  The alarmists who oversee the collection and reporting of the data simply erase the actual readings and substitute their own desired readings!   Older temperature readings are repeatedly made cooler to give the false impression today that the earth is warming. more recent temperature records from large cities and near airports should actually be adjusted downwards.  this should be to take account of the industrial growth in these areas over time and is a well known effect. So just as the UK Hadley Climate Centre has been adjusting temperatures downwards  in the crutem 4 data set(see older post in this blog) for temperatures before 1995, so NOAA in the US is also  doing the same alarmist trick of doctoring the temperatures to give the impression of a present world warming trend which in reality does not exist.  The Giss(Nasa Goddard Institute of Space Studies) image for the Iceland capital Rekavek showed a warming trend in January 2012, yet a few weeks earlier Giss had shown the same image of the same Iceland city as a cooling trend!