Sunday, 26 October 2014

Austrian DailyNewspaper:: "Huge ice growth--not seen in decades"!

  The Austrain online Kronen Zeitung reports on the sudden growth in polar sea ice.   It says " a huge growth in ice at the poles has surprised scientists and is casting questions.  For the prophets of climate change the new figures pose questions: At the poles of mother earth, in complete contradiction  to prognoses of a complete polar melt, there is an ice growth like one not seen in decades".The Kronen Zeitung reports that Antarctic sea ice is growing at an average annual rate of 16500 square kilometres since 2007.  The case is much the same for Arctic sea ice the Austrian daily reports. (first revealed by P Gosselin on www.notrickszone .com on15 October 2014).
         The KZ mentions the surprise of the NSIDC(National Snow and Ice data Centre) in Colorado. Climate science has been turned on its head globally.  They report that the climate models have failed in that they predicted the very opposite to happen. They quote Professor Anastasios Tsonis of the University of Wisconsin who says there are many factors at play including currents, winds, precipitation and the upper and lower water layers. A slowdown in solar activity may be
playing a major role on the climate. The liars in the media and the unprincipled politicians have been exposed!  When is the Guardian going to report this?

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