Monday, 2 June 2014

Canadian Climate model and actual global temperatures

The graphic is reproduced with permission by Tom Harris of the Climate Science International    Climate Change "consensus" is a dangerous lie.  The assertion that the majority of scientists believe that climate change is a man made problem is a fiction.  Joe Bast President of the Heartland Institute and Roy Spencer principal research scientist at the University of Alabama and  the US Science team leader for the advanced microwave scanning Radiometer on Nasa`s Aqua satellite says this is nonsense. US Secretary of state Kerry and President Obama are liars.  Climate change is natural and due mainly to the changing sun and ocean cycles.( Terri Jackson`s blog now on Climate Science International web site).

Pause in global warming upsets religious believers.

              Licia Corbella columnist and editorial page editor with the Calgary Herald in an excellent  piece highlighting the presentation by Professor Ross McKitrick at the Friends of Science lunch on 13 May 2014 revealed how the climate models have turned out to be at complete odds with the actual observations. The models predicted rising temperature while the actual observed global temperature has remained steady with no rise for the last 16 years. Professor McKitrick is Professor of Environmental Economic at the university of Guelph Canada    .

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