Saturday, 19 July 2014

Australia: No longer a carbon tax nation! South Korea to follow suit!

                        The alarmists have taken a double hit. The new Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott true to his election promise has seen to it that Australia has abandoned the carbon tax that has been pointedly crippling the Australian economy. The Senate upheld the vote in the House to bring the doomed CO2 tax to a timely end.  The Australian Labor Party with the Greens have been resoundly defeated. Now we hear that South Korea is about to follow suit.  The South Korea finance minister has called its emissions trading market "flawed in many ways".  South Korea`s courageous stand against carbon madness raises hopes that Australia`s rejection of carbon pricing will be the domino which topples any chance of global cooperation on CO2. (reports from the WUWT blog by Anthony Watt
s, from Eric Worrall and Christopher Monckton.)

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