Tuesday, 30 June 2015

North and South Poles not melting!

                  Recent satellite data show the Arctic sea ice has recovered from recent lows. Data from the European space Agency Cryosat-2 satellite indicates at 10 200 cubic kilometres Arctic sea ice volumes in 2014 were above the average  over the past five years and sharply above the lows of 4275 cubic kilometres in 2011 and 6000 cubic kilometres in 2012.  Oceanographers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sent a under water robot deep into the Antarctic sea to measure the ice and have found that the ice is much thicker than has been predicted over the past 20 years. The melting of the small peninsular of the west antarctic ice sheet is due to a underwater volcano.

           Nasa scientists have found that after years of research they have  gathered data showing that normal, decade long changes in Arctic Ocean currents driven by a circulation known as the Arctic Oscillation was largely responsible for the major Arctic climate shifts observed over the past several years.  These periodic reversals in the ocean currents move warmer and cooler water around to new places, greatly affecting the climate.  The AO was at record low last winter explaining the record cold and snow in middle latitudes.  A strongly negative AO pushes the coldest air well south while temperatures in the polar regions are warmer than normal under blocking high pressure. It may have been this AO that sunk the Titanic with icebergs much further south than was expected by the Titanic on its voyage.

        Tthe IPCC climate models are only computer projections which have been repeatedly shown to be wrong.  their predictions of ocean warming has not been borne out by direct observations.  Ocean temperatures have been only properly measured since 2003 using the Argo system. In the Argo system a buoy duck dives down to 2000m, slowly ascends and reads the temperatures on the way, then radios the result back by satellite to HQ.  Three thousand ARGO buoys patrol the oceans constantly.  Their readings show that the ocean temperature since 2003 has been basically flat.  Reality is very different to the climate models.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Germany`s leading daily attacks the Pope`s climate encyclical.

            Germany`s leading political daily Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung(FAZ) has attacked the Pope`s climate encyclical as a "distorted depiction of civilization".  It says his encyclical is "frightening". The reporter Jan Grossarth sharply criticizes the Pope for making claims "without any evidence".  He writes that the "Pope leaves the facts aside"  Grossarth says that the Pop`s vision of an exodus back to an agrarian world of more natural pre-industrial living is totally misguided.

                      He says it gives a distorted picture of civilization.  Given that the main contributor to the Encyclical was German alarmist and genocidalist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber it is clear that the document is a product of extreme environmentalist activists masquerading as scientists.  Under previous Pope`s such as John Paul 11 or Benedict such a polarising and distorted document would never have seen the light of day.  Fossil fuels usage has led to a reduction in hunger, more people being educated, more people living longer with working hours reduced.  This has all been achieved by the capitalist free market system which clearly the Pope is against!

                     Ehrlichian visions of doom from forty years ago never came to pass. due to modern free market  industrial progress. Attenborough predictions of necessary  population reduction  is another example of this wrong thinking.   The world has plenty of room for a few billion more people.  The present increase is exponential and anyone who knows anything about mathematics knows that all exponential curves  flatten out and the rise stops.  As for resources there are plenty of resources to last us hundreds of years with huge resources of shale gas and with large new finds of oil and gas off the coasts of Brazil and Greenland..  (see also P Gosselin site www.notrickszone.com)  

Friday, 26 June 2015

House of Representatives votes against Obama`s green climate policy. Blow to Paris conference.

                         The US House of Representatives voted by a substantial majority of 247 to 180on Wednesday against implementing the Obama policy of inhibiting the growth of fossil fuel power plants. Under the new bill state governors can opt out of adopting state plans for the Environment Protection Agency regulation if such a plan would harm electricity rates, reliability or important economic sectors inthe states. the GOP believes that the Obama climate rule will not withstand judicial review so the GOP instigated delay is designed to ensure Obama`s disastrous climate policy regulation never takes effect.  A similar move is taking place in the Senate. (Report from The Hill by Timothy Cama and Christina Marcos 24 June 2015.).

In a separate Wall Street Journal column Lamar Smith the chair of the House committee on Science Space and Technology said that Obama`s claim of impending climate disaster is bunk!, a scare story spread in the face of mounting countervailing evidence with the underlying goal of redistributing wealth from developed countries. He said that Obama was raising alarms about global warming based on beliefs not science. This is in line with the position of Christina Figures the UN climate representative who has clearly indicated the aim is a complete redistribution of wealth worldwide and who has praised communism and the China communist model of government.(see previous post).

 Earth Day celebrated each year 22 April by the Green movement.    Lenin`s birthday!
  Go Green?   No thanks.  No way!    The green environmentalists can keep the hammer and sickle!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Leading biologist accuses polar bear scientists of systematically misleading the public.

                   A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation accuses scientists of systematically misleading the public, saying they are blaming changes in polar bear populations on global warming despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  In the paper "the Arctic Fallacy" Dr Susan Crockford an expert in Arctic mammals notes that reductions in polar bear populations are clearly linked to thick spring ice, which reduces the availability of the bears` prey.  Dr Crockford says that polar bear scientists are being wilfully blind to the facts. Alarmist scientists blame reductions in  summer ice despite there being no evidence of this.  In fact Arctic ice is increasing faster than ever
             Dr Crockford is an evolutionary biologist and has been working for 35 years in archaeozoology, paleozoology and forensic zoology.  She is a professor at the University of Victoria in Canada. http://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2015/06/Arctic-Fallacy.pdf