Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sea Levels are not rising! New Report reveals political interference

                          Professor Nils-Axel Morner from Stockholm has published an excellent paper on the SPPI (Science and Public Policy Institute  US)web site on sea level. Professor Morner was the chair of the sea level commission.
                             Sea level is measured by both tide gauges and since 1992 by satellite altimetry.  One of the keepers of the satellite record told Professor Morner that the record had been interfered with to show sea level rising, because the raw data from the satellites showed no increase in global sea level at all!
                           The raw data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON sea-level satellites, which operated from 1993-2000, showed a slight uptrend in sea level.  However, after exclusion of the distorting effects of the great El Nino Southern Oscillation of 1997/1998, a naturally-occurring event,the sea level trend is zero!
           The GRACE gravitational -anomaly satellites are able to measure ocean mass, from which sea level change can be directly calculated.  The GRACE data show that sea level fell slightly from 2002-2007.
These two distinct satellite systems,using very different measurement methods, produced raw data reaching identical conclusions: sea level is barely rising,if at all.   Sea level is not rising at all in the Maldives, the Laccadives, Tuvalu, India, Bangladesh, French Guyana, Venice, Cuxhaven, Korser, Saint Paul Island, Qatar.
In theMaldives a group of Australian environmental scientists uprooted a 50 year old tree by the shoreline, aiming to conceal the fact that its location indicated that sea leve l had not been rising.   this is further indication of political tampering with scientific evidence about sea level. Since sea level is not rising the chief ground of concern at the potential effects of antropogenic global warming, that millions of shore dwellers the world over may be displaced as the oceans expand is baseless.    As Professor Morner says we are facing a very grave unethical "sea-level gate".
         (Published on 6 december 2012 on the SPPI web site)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

IEA press release shows rising world coal consumption with falling global temperature!

                             The International Energy Agency has issued a press release on global coal consumption showing that while world coal consumption has risen over the last decade, the linear global temperature has dropped at a rate of 0.7c/century!    Alarmists had claimed that the rising world coal consumption was causing global warming.   Nothing could be further from the truth as the above graphic shows.  (see

Friday, 21 December 2012

US National Academy of Sciences find Greenhouse Effect does not exist!

         An overlooked science report from the United States National Academy of Sciences(NAS) has revealed that the Greenhouse Effect does not exist!    The NAS document "Carbon dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment" commissioned by the US government and first published in 1979 never even mentions the greenhouse gas effect in its 13, 000 words.  Scientists at PSI assert that this is the most compelling physical evidence ever found proving the GHE as nothing more than a modern(post- 1979) political construct.   American scientists knew as far back as 1979 that there was no greenhouse gas effect for CO2 to impact!   Remember that the cream of US climate science in the 1970`s had no political axe to grind   This undoubtedly challenges the modern man made global warming scam. We can now say that no serious mainstream climate scientist then gave the GHE the time of day. (see PSI web site  See also

Friday, 14 December 2012

IPCC authors now admit that the sun plays a far greater role in climate than previously thought.

                     A UN leak from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now has admitted that the sun plays a far greater role than previously thought. .Many UN researchers are now on record as stating that changes in the sun, rather than human carbon dioxide emissions have altered the earth`s temperatures.  The source of the leak Alec Rawls participated in the review of the Second Order Draft of AR5(the next IPCC report).  He said that it is important for the document to be immediately released because of the public`s right to know.  This has been reported on the WUWT blog and Rawls says that he felt compelled to break his confidentially agreement as an IPCC reviewer because of "the systematic dishonesty of the report."     He says it has been corrupted by bad faith and fraud.  He concluded " the IPCC admission of strong evidence for enhanced solar forcing changes everything.   the climate alarmists cannot continue to claim that warming was almost entirely due to human activity over a period when solar warming effects, now acknowledged to be important, were at a maximum"
               Alarmist IPCC authors have been using regression analysis techniques in what appears a cynical statistical trick to remove the impacts of natural ocean current systems such as El Nino and La Nina and volcanic aerosols from the instrument temperature record.  Critics say this is just another way that junk scientists can make it appear that human emissions are the more dominant.  However the leaked documents clearly show that a substantial number of IPCC scientists now recognize what many of us have been saying all along that there is a  underlying long term solar trend which recent scientific studies show was most evident in the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods.    Principia-Scientific International (PSI) a new world wide body of climate scientists and engineers who assert that solar impacts are dominant and that human impacts are trivial have expressed delight at these latest revelations.   This is a timely boost for PSI scientists who have recently  published papers pointing to solar not human impacts on climate.  Among these are PSI scientists Canadian astrophytsicist Joseph E Postma and Australian Douglas Cotton.  (