Monday, 22 December 2014

CO2 lowers the global temperature. Lima Accord defunct!     Dr Pierre Latour shows using basic physics that the physics of radiating gases like CO2 lowers the global temperature  by about  -.086c/per doubling of CO2

The Lima Accord
                                      based  on the false assumption that the use of fossil fuel based CO2 will raise the global temperature the Lima Accord lacks legally binding requirements that force any of the signers to cut emissions by any particular amount.  Each country sets its own goals and timetables. Without legally binding language requiring significant cuts, countries can put forth weak plans amounting to little more than lip service.  For example one country could commit to cap---not cut---its emissions after 2050 and still be a party to the agreement. Another country could agree to cut emissions per unit of energy used over time, which would happen  naturally as energy technologies become more efficient or old power plants are replaced by new ones, but it would not have to agree to any real cuts.   No emission reduction commitment large or meager, is backed with the force of international law.  There are no penal ties for failure to meet greenhouse gas reduction commitments.  The Accord relies on peer pressure or shaming to convince nations who will quite possibly be led by very different governing parties in the future.

                         The 9000 delegates established a huge usage of fossil fuels to get to Lima, a waste of time and money.  As Christopher Booker in the Telegraph noted it was the Greenpeace vandals who provided a welcome diversion from the Lima gathering. Indeed these so called "environmentalists" desecrated Peru`s most sacred world heritage site by trampling over the 1500 year old Nazca Lines, a shocking disrespect to Peru heritage.  They now face the possibility of six years in jail.
            (Reports Daily Telegraph,  Heartland Institute)

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