Thursday, 31 March 2011

Green policies and industrial decline. EU energy commissioner attacks politicians

                Just as the EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger has attacked the German government because of high taxes and green levies on energy the UK is also faced with the same strategy from the Cameron government.  Herr Oettinger warned Germany about industrial decline because of  eco  subsidies from taxpayers. As far as we in the UK are concerned consumers will face big rises in utilities bills as a result of the
chancellor Mr Osborne`s unfair taxes on energy companies. The UK will be the first country in the world to introduce such draconian unnecessary measures as a carbon tax on energy companies which will put British companies at an unfair disadvantage compared to their competitors in other countries.  No such measures for China or India or Russia or even the US!   UK consumer groups say that these taxes will inevitably be passed on to consumers with big increases in consumer electricity bills. The Times(26 March) quotes Ann Robinson director of consumer policy at the comparison website as saying "what is clear is that consumers are paying the price for a disjointed and incoherent energy policy which is allowing stealth taxes and expensive extras to sneak into our energy bills. This investment(green) is beginning to look like a runaway train that will start to make energy increasingly unaffordable in this country"   What a shocking indictment of government green energy policy. It is clear that consumers and not the energy companies will bear the cost of this mad policy.A policy that Lord Lawson has correctly referred to as an anti growth policy.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Peter Gill on Carbon Capture and Storage

Legal barriers to carbon capture and storage

Posted by Peter Gill on Mar 22, 2011 6:40 pm
We have all heard a lot of talk about carbon capture and storage CCS.  Those who worry about our carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere see it as the answer to continued use of fossil fuels while we are waiting for renewable technologies to take over. However there are some snags that we need to consider. The first one is that of legality. As far as I am aware if we are talking off shore injection into strata then at the moment this is only permitted as part of an enhanced oil recovery project EOR.   Otherwise it requires international agreements which despite the longevity of the idea are not in place. Can anyone help and say whether they are even on the horizon? The second issue concerns insurance. Put bluntly in circumstances of a failure in the storage system and a large leakage of carbon dioxide the question is: Who pays in the event of deaths and other consequences? To these I now have to add another question for which I am grateful to Chris Booker, the journalist. That question is at the kind of injection rates required will the notion work or will it result in such fracturing that it will not? Now admittedly Chris is not a physicist or indeed a scientist but he has many connections with the scientific community.  I do not know his source. The last time I studied micromeretics is probably around 40 years ago and so I have to pass that question over probably to those involved in EOR. Can anyone help?
         (posted on the Institute of Physics forum climate posts)

Peter Gill on Wind Power

Re: Current policies on sustainability and climate change

This note by Peter Gill is from the Institute of Physics  forums.  Peter is chair of the London branch Institute of Energy and former chair Energy Group Institute of Physics.
Posted by Peter Gill on Mar 22, 2011 6:14 pm
The questions that you pose in your wind generator example require the consideration of economics, energy balance and environmental impacts. My simplistic view having only considered the subject for circa 10 years is that neither onshore nor offshore wind installations currently make economic sense except to those who can profit from heavy subsidies of one kind or another available ultimately from the comsumer (via government and the electricity companies). I have over the years (more than 10) argued on and off with Don Swift-Hook on the topic particularly about high pressure zones in winter.
I was less inclined to consider the overall energy balance for a different set of reasons that would require rather more space than appropriate here. Until recently I was somewhat naive over the (as I have now realised many) adverse environmental impacts. However as a consequence of conversations with Peter Taylor (ex chief scientific adviser to Greenpeace) and exposure to John Etherington’s views (ex Reader in Ecology at University of Wales) I have concluded that windfarms are not harmless.  As an AGW sceptic  I am not concerned about claims of savings in carbon dioxide emissions but in any case these are probably false because of low availability and the need for fiossil fuel back-up. Whilst the title of John’s book is rather emotionally evocative its contents tends to justify “The Wind Farm Scam An Ecologists Evaluation”, Stacey International 2009 ISBN: 978 1905299 83 6. If you read it you like myself will probably find it an eye opener.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Helmut Schmidt former German Chancellor attacks the IPCC in Berlin speech

   Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in a speech in Berlin on 11 January to the Max Planck Gesellschaft, Germany`s most prestigious science organisation  has cast serious doubts on the integrity and credibility of the IPCC.  He has called for an independent scientific investigation into what he calls their questionable practises. A report from the GWPF web site climate record on 6 March quotes him as saying "some of their researchers have shown themselves to be fraudsters"

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Green Tyranny Arrives in Germany and Britain. Abolition of the Free Market.
 is a free commentary on climate science and policy by P Gosselin.  It has recently revealed that a new law has been quietly passed by the German government on 4 November 2010 with not a comment in the press.  It is called the law on energy services and other energy efficiency measures.  In effect the German state will be able to tell its citizens how much energy they may consume, in effect restricting economic growth!  Michael Limburg of EIKE (European Institute for Climate and Energy) writes " with this law the free market is going to be abolished",  power and energy companies will be required to collect consumption data on every citizen.   Limburgh says  " citizens  can be forced to make comprehensive energy sayings in a very short time".  Gosselin relates there is no opposition in Germany to this coming green tyranny.   Before the second world war over seventy percent of the greens joined the Nazi party, now today the green socialist experiment is alive and well again in Germany. But where will it end? water consumption?  internet access? Our mobility?  Our lights?   Our weight?  Our property? Our freedom of speech?  Be prepared, keep reading my blog!
      So while energy rationing is coming to Germany and with it the end of economic growth and the free market, Britain also faces much of the same. On 4 March listeners to BBC Radio 4 Today programme will have heard Mr Steve Holliday the CEO of National Grid pontificate on the future availability or rather the lack of a constant supply of electricity. "we want it to be there when we need it----- we are going to change our behaviour and consume it when it is available".  Thus users are expected to change their habits to conform to the variability of wind power! Like it or not by order!  A bit like the old communist Russia!  Bang goes economic growth for UK industry.  Bang goes your domestic freezer contents into the bin!
          ( Carbon dioxide as a result of human activity does not cause climate change, which is the view of tens of thousands of scientists world wide ( see but for those alarmists who still peddle the human climate scare take note that research( by leading Canadian electrical engineer Kent Hawkins on power plants in the Netherlands, Colorado and in Texas confirms that when the wind capacity reaches five percent of the total electrical capacity then carbon dioxide emissions INCREASE.  The emissions are harmless but nevertheless with wind power they INCREASE, the exact opposite to what is being peddled by the climate alarmists. Also whether you like it or not dear reader the annual Energy Statement by the Cameron led government for 2010 states that by 2020 one third of the average electricity bill will consist of green energy charges imposed by law if you please!    So much for British democracy! )

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Second NASA global warming satellite explodes! Mystery deepens!

          American  lawyer John O`Sullivan reports on the mysterious explosion of a second NASA global warming satellite. This a crucial global warming measuring satellite which was to measure how small airborne particles in the atmosphere affect the earth`s climate. It exploded shortly after take off from the Vandenburg Air Force Base in California.   The onboard orbiting carbon observatory (OCO) was designed to be instrumental in finally settling the global warming debate. The satellite would have been able to show exactly how much energy is falling from the sun to earth. Scientists could have precisely calculated how much if at all, human emissions of carbon dioxide were altering the climate and may have given final proof that man made global warming was a hoax. The first OCO also exploded in 2009 in similar strange circumstances!  Two explosions in less than two years!     (see