Friday, 15 April 2011

Professor John Christy, a former IPCC lead author attacks climate alarmism

     Professor John Christy a former lead author of the IPCC in an interview on the Australian Chris Smith Chat Show says that a carbon tax will not lower the earth temperature!  He went on to say that the present rate of temperature change is less than one degree/century. In other words insignificant! This agrees with the SPPI global temperature index temperature trend based on real satellite(the most accurate)temperature measurements. Christy says it is impossible for humans to change the climate!  He said that even if a thousand new nuclear plants were built the climate change would be less than a tenth of one degree after a hundred years!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The False Promise of Green Energy. New book from the Cato Institute.

       Authors Andrew P Morris  Professor of Business at the University of Alabama and his fellow authors William T Bogart  President of Maryville College, Roger E Meiners  Professor of Economics University of Texas and Andrew Dorchak  head of reference at the Case Western University School of Law have produced this excellent new book on the green movement.  It examines the claims green energy proponents make  that we can improve the economy and the environment by spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers money in return for false or highly speculative promises. The introduction notes that the ultimate agenda of the green movement is far larger and more insidious than acknowledged.  It illustrates the irresponsibility of attempting to transform modern society with borrowed money, wishful thinking and bad economics.  A bit like the sub prime mortage disaster from which we are only just beginning to recover, with every liklihood of a similar green disaster in the future. The interference with the free market by giving massive undeserved subsidies to technologies such as solar power and wind power which the authors critically examine and come to the conclusion that both wind power and solar power are neither cheap nor green.  This new book is essential reading for those involved in the debate.

     Also recommended "Resisting the Green Dragon"  by James Wanliss published by the Cornwall Alliance
               Both books published in 2011.