Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Approaching Ice Age

                  The earth is cooling not warming.  The wild changes in the Jet Stream are proof of a new coming ice age  Past approaching  ice ages have seen the Jet Stream behave in this erratic  way. The world global temperature has not changes for the past 17 years(see Nigel Lawson`s GWPF site  www.thegwpf.org.) Leading US  meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell  says "possibly we are going to break the all time global sea ice records".  He means a record high! (weatherbell analytics 10 May 2014( reported by P Gosselin in notrickszone.com).

Solar physicists are warning we are in the final days of global warmth for decades.The sun is ending its hyperactive phase which has lasted for decades.  It is now in a very weakcycle.  This is also predicted by Dr H Abdussamatov of the Polkovo Astronomical Observatory in St Petersburg who has predicted that the declining bi-cenntennial component of the total solar irradiance is leading to a new little ice age. Also Russian solar scientist Vladimir Baschkin claims that the present climate changes have a cyclic character and are not related to human activities.

The recent warming is merely a continuation of the post little ice age which ended in 1850. The new little ice age is beginning due to the changing weaker sun .There is a close correlation between the number of sun spots and climate. this is confirmed by a recent paper by Professor Cliff Ollier of the School of earth and environment Sciences at the University of Western Australia who says we can expect serious cooling.(reported in notrickszone.com). As well as sun spots being linked to climate the behaviour of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation is the second crucial factor. This essentially governs the water temperature in the Atlantic depending on current flow rate. This affects the ice level in the Antarctic in particular.
(see also report by Piers Corbyn and the NASA fraud deliberately  altering the temperatures to give the impression of warming---previous posts).

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