Thursday, 8 May 2014

German Consumer Agency Issues warning to Deutsche Bank of "Dubious Renewable Energy Burdens of over 1 trillion euros feared"

                   The Berlin based consumer investor protection organization VZFK has issued a press release warning Deutsche Bank AG of the high risks of investments in "dubious renewable energy companies" and their projects after a string of spectacular insolvencies. The VZFK expects the EEG renewable energy feed-in system to collapse with economic damage of at least triple-digit billions to be expected!  Energy prices in Germany are often more than 50 % higher than those in neighbouring countries or in the US. The EEG system is forcing the chemical industry and other energy intensive industries to move abroad. (Report by P Gosselin 30 April 2014
NOTE:  P Gosselin also reports on the Der Spiegel interview with  leading Swedish Climate Scientist Lennart Bengtsson  former Director of the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg who  has joined the London based Global Warming Policy foundation(GWPF) headed by Lord Lawson . Bengsston says that to enforce science consensus is senseless. (by its very nature science can never be consensual). He says also that solving the problems of future generations is pointless. It would have been pointless to have asked people in 1914 to solve the scientific problems of 2014. He also notes that the IPCC models have been an abject failure. (P Gosselin 7 May 2014)

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