Saturday, 10 May 2014

If Russia turns off our gas Cameron must take the blame!

                    The crisis in Ukraine could have a disastrous effect on our gas prices.Ukraine owes Russia £2billion for gas supplies and is refusing to pay.. As theDaily  Express notes (10 May) there is also a vital pipeline which runs through Ukraine and supplies gas to the rest of Europe and the UK. The cost of energy has already started to spike in the UK.  This could lead to higher petrol  foodprices. TheRussian energy minister Alexander Novak says that the Ukraine failure to pay Russia for its gas means that all future gas supplies must be prepaid. Russia is by far the biggest supplier of gas to Europe.  The constant heckling of Russia by Cameron and Obama has annoyed President Putin.  If our gas supplies are affected then Cameron and Nato must take the blame.   also as the Express points out the constant  opposition to fracking by the greenies is another factor that will have a disastrous effect on our energy supplies.  there are massive supplies of gas beneath our feet  in southern England, in Lancashire  in Northern Ireland and across the UK. The coming election on 22 May will give voters the opportunity to register their disgust at the fascist like tactics of the greenies. We need the shale gas locked in our rock formations. what we do not needas the Express rightly notes  the greenies policy of covering the countryside in wind farms and solar panelswhich has left us with useless eyesores that cannot possibly fulfill our demands for energy.

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