Saturday, 11 September 2010

UK Carbon Reduction Commitment will destroy the UK economy

           As a result of the UK Climate Change Act of 2008 new laws have been introduced for UK industry
called the Carbon Reduction Commitment.   Alone among the developed nations these measures by the UK government  are built on a lie, that climate change is a result of  carbon emissions from human activity. As a result UK industry and so the UK economy will be greatly harmed.    There will be no economic recovery.  There is no scientific  evidence that climate change is a result of human activity but massive scientific evidence that it is a perfectly natural process.  This is the greatest deception ever perpetuated on the human race and as a consequence the UK population in particular will  suffer.  Not only the UK government but parts of the UK press must also be blamed for their biased reporting. Dr Roy Spencer one of NASA`s ,most respected scientists has made the case for natural climate change(see a report in a earlier post on this blog), also over 31 000 graduate scientists take the same view(, and in addition around 700 leading climate scientists on the Environment committee web site of the US Congress.  by contrat how many support the IPCC summaries for policy makers?   Sixty maybe seventy!  With an eye on the next juicy grant!
               Reconstruction of paleoclimatological carbon dioxide concentrations demonstrates that carbon dioxide levels today are near their lowest level since the Cambrian era when levels were 20 times what they are today with no runaway greenhouse effect.  In past ice ages carbon dioxide levels have been much higher than today.
                    Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but an essential gas for life.  The American Association for Industrial Health says that levels of carbon dioxide would have to be 100 000ppm(parts per million) before it would affect human health.  At present it is a mere 387 ppm, the lowest in history.  In fact it is dangerously low with potentially serious consequences for human breathing.     The earth has warmed around half a degree since 1950 and is now entering a cooling period. Dr M Latif one of the IPCC chief scientists has confirmed this and Dr Jones of CRU(climate research unit)  fame at the University of East Anglia has said in a BBC intervew in February this year that "there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995"   So why all the fuss about carbon dioxide?    In the MWR(Medieval Warm Period 950-1300)  temperatures were at least  four degrees higher than today, even in the 1930s and 1940s temperatures were higher than today.  We need to see an increase in carbon dioxide levels not a decrease.  The recommended levels of carbon dioxide in workplaces for a eight hour day is about 5000ppm with concert goers experiencing levels of 10 000ppm with no ill affects!  The US department of Agriculture has determined that a one percent increase in carbon dioxide boosts crop yields by 8 percent!  Those with respiratory problems are often given increased levels of carbon dioxide up to 130 times todays level.   The health protection agency of the UK in its report on climate in 2008 concluded that " no change in heat related deaths
occurred during the period 1971-2003".  This was a warming period!  Dr H Macabee a speaker at the 4th Heartland Climate Conference in Chicago in May noted that even if the IPCC was correct about a  temperature rise later this century  of four degrees it would prevent an estimated  170 million deaths by 2100!   So why the haste to reduce carbon dioxide levels?  Do some of these alarmists have another agenda?     The earth would greatly prosper with more carbon dioxide as happened under the Vikings when they populated Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period
                     The manipulation of the surface temperature record highlighted by Joseph D`Aleo and Anthony Watts in their massive SPPI paper would indicate strong doubts exist as to the reliability of temperature records from surface stations.  The removal of many of those stations in cooler locations is of particular concern.  The Russian authorities strongly criticised the Met office for not using threequarters of their stations most of which were in cooler regions of Russia!    Falling carbon dioxide levels would seriously impact life
as we know it, reducing agricultural production for a growing population and increasing the liklihood of food shortages and famine.  Reducing carbon dioxide levels will lead to many deaths.  Is there a connection between this carbon dioxide reduction and those who advocate a reduction in the earth`s population?  

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