Friday, 17 September 2010

Wilkes Land Glacial History 2010 Expedition discovers Antarctic transition in 55Ma

                The Wilkes Land Glacial History Team, led by Dr Carlotta Escutia of Granada University and Dr Henk Brinkhuis of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, has just completed a two month drilling programme of geological samples from the sea floor near Antactica.  Called the Integrated Ocean drilling Programme( IODP) they have found that about 55Ma Antarctica was a warm sub tropical paradise with carbon dioxide levels eleven times todays value.   Suddenly within a relatively short geological time frame of 0.5Ma it reverted to a freezing ice covered cold expanse with ice sheets, what we see today.  At the transition carbon dioxide levels and temperature fell quickly and dramatically. No catastrophic global heating emergency due to carbon dioxide levels. Alarmist lobby please note!

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