Monday, 27 September 2010

The cull of the UK Climate Quangos!

                Some of the UK climate quangos are getting the chop in the coalition government`s drive for deficit reduction.  Those that will go immediately are Sir Jonathan Porritt`s  Sustainable Development Commission, the Advisory committee on Carbon abatement Technologies and the Renewables Advisory Board.  Under review are the Carbon Trust, the Energy Savings Trust, and the Environment Agency.  Even the sacred cow of the
DECC  itself may be in line for reduction or even  absorption into another department according to a report in the Guardian on 22 September.  Long may it continue!
                         Patrick Henningsen who also reported the possible imminent demise of DECC in his blog says " what preachers of AGW and climate change are slowly discovering is that no amount of spin and political propaganda can cover up a lack of results over a long stretch-----taxpayers cannot back departments, much less policies that do not deliver benefits to the public welfare.  here in the UK we have a government department(the DECC) which is busying itself with an apocalyptic event---that is not even happening!"

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