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Resisting the Green Dragon - an answer to today's environmentalism



If you want to understand the world view,theology,ethics,and politics of the green movement then this new book, due out this Autumn by South African Christian physicist Dr James Wanliss is for you. Without doubt one of the greatest threats to society and the church today is the multi faceted environment movement. Although its reach is often subtle, there is not an aspect of life that it doesn`t seek to force into its own mould. Indeed the threat of the environment movement to the church and to the gospel is one of the most serious challenges facing the church today.

  • environmentalism has become a new religion, indeed a judge in GB last September labelled it just that, a new religion on a par with traditional religion.

  • environmentalism`s policies are devastating to the worlds poor.

  • environmentalism threatens the sanctity of life.

  • environmentalism is threatening our youth.

  • environmentalism`s reach is global

Resisting the Green Dragon published by the evangelical Cornwall Alliance in the US takes its cue from James4v7: “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”
Learn how the Bible powerfully confronts environment fears and shows how in God`s wise design humans and nature can thrive together.
When many Christians think it pious to uncritically embrace doom and gloom ecology and demands for slowed economic development and growth, reduced consumption, and government imposed austerity, Dr Wanliss shows how they compromise the Biblical faith and promote unbiblical asceticism, supported by wrong science and flawed economics leading to policies that oppress the poor while enriching the powerful.
More important ,he outlines a clear Biblical understanding of earth stewardship-the fulfillment of God`s first command to humanity, the dominion mandate to “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” Genesis 1v28.
At the same time he faithfully proclaims the gospel of reconciliation with God for sinners, justified by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone, thus obeying Christ`s last command on earth, the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations (...) teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you” Matthew 28 v19-20. 
Dr Calvin Beisner national spokesperson for the Cornwall Alliance for the stewardship of Creation says “sincere Christians searching for a clear understanding of how to be good stewards of God`s earth while loving their neighbours and faithfully representing Jesus Christ and his glorious gospel will find Resisting the Green Dragon irresistible!”

The 2010 great Russian heat wave. Was it due to us? Is the earth warming or cooling? What about the hundreds dead in South America due to the cold? A state of emergency has been declared in Peru, not even mentioned by the biased press. I attended the Heartland Institute 4th International Climate Science conference in Chicago in May as an invited speaker, a conference addressed by 80 of the worlds leading climate scientists from 23 different countries. The message of the conference was clear that present climate change is a natural development due mainly to the changing path of the Jet stream and to the changing sun. It has nothing to do with carbon emissions as a result of human activities.

We are faced with the greatest deception ever perpetuated on the human race and a deception if not stopped which has the potential to bring down the western democracies. Since the earth came out of the Little Ice Age 250 years ago there has been a natural warming interspersed with periods of cooling. Present carbon dioxide levels are the lowest in history and indeed so low they could be a danger to human breathing. In the MWP(Medieval Warm Period) from 950-1300AD temperatures have been much warmer than today by as much as four degrees with no harm to human development. The Vikings brought agriculture development to Greenland at that time. Likewise in the past carbon levels were much higher, as much as 20 times todays level with no harmful effects.

For 80 percent of past history earth temperatures have been 22 celsius while today it is around 14 celsius. On a historical basis we have cooled not warmed!
Satellite evidence, the most accurate, shows that the earth has been cooling since 2001(see included graphic) and even Dr Jones the scientist at the centre of the leaked e-mails scandal at the University of East Anglia , the climategate affair,admitted in a BBC interview in February that “there has been no statistically significant global warming since1995.” However carbon levels are still rising yet the earth is cooling. This is not rare as in past ice ages carbon dioxide levels have been much higher than today. The Russian heat wave is due to an atmospheric block with stationary high pressure over Moscow. The same phenomenon happened over the eastern US last winter which suffered its coldest winter for fifty years. It has nothing to do with humans. Both the Russian heat wave this year and the Pakistan floods have been due to the static European and US northern jet stream which stopped for ten days or so . The jet stream is a high altitude fast moving air current which circles the earth from West to East. During this time a blocking event has brought this northern jet stream to a halt keeping weather patterns over Russia stationary. The jet stream has also brought dry air from eastern Africa into Russia which has allowed the fires to burn. NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in the US has announced that the Russian heat wave was 100 percent natural and nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions. In Russia more land is below average temperatures than above average temperatures.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a gas essential for human breathing and for plant growth. A reduction in carbon dioxide levels will lead to deaths from breathing difficulties. Some of those who advocate a world reduced population would not be against such a scenario. The American Association for Industrial Health say that levels of carbon dioxide would have to reach 100 000ppm(parts per million) before it would affect human health. At present it is dangerously low at only 387ppm the lowest in history. For the politically motivated IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change, a panel of political appointees)to advocate reductions in carbon dioxide levels is criminally negligent and will increase the death rate. Is there a secret agenda?
Recently the American government NOAA-16 satellite has been withdrawn from service after it has been discovered that its temperature readings have been as much as10 to 15 degrees too high. This now negates almost all previous government global climate data. Other satellites are now also suspect. This is called satellitegate after Himalayagate when it was put about by the alarmists that the glaciers in the Himalayas were all melting until the Indian government produced a report showing that there was no scientific evidence that climate change was the cause of glaciers receding. It was a natural event!. In New Zealand it was found that all 50 glaciers were advancing!
The famous hockey stick graph, so beloved by the alarmists like Al Gore and the political IPCC, has been shown to be totally discredited. Three of the statistical consultants used by the energy and commerce committee of the US House of Representatives found that the hockey stick graph was worthless! It has become the most discredited artefact in the history of science. Referring to the 2007 IPCC report on climate change the late Professor Frederick Seitz former president of the US Academy of Sciences said that he had never seen such a disturbing corruption of the scientific process and the IPCC should be abandoned. The IPCC also tried to eliminate the Mediaval Warm Period(950-1300) in its 2001 report. However papers from over 770 scientists from more than 450 institutions in more than 40 countries over the past 25 years demonstrate by proxy temperature reconstructions from measured data that the MWP was real global and warmer than present, in some places by four degrees celsius!
Dr Don Keller of Anglia Ruskin University , in evidence to the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons said “global temperature data are compromised because more than threequarters of the 6000 stations that once existed are no longer reporting.” and again “there has been a bias towards removing higher altitude, higher latitude and rural stations leading to a further overstatement of warming”. Indeed the Russian IEA in Moscow complained that the Met office only reported on a quarter of their temperature stations and mostly those that were in the warmer areas, leaving out many in the colder areas of Russia.
My colleague Dr Art Robinson a candidate for the US Congressional elections in November has collated the signatures of over 31000 graduate scientists including over 9000 Phds in the US who totally reject the notion that present climate change may be due to humans( The petition says they urge the US government to reject the Koyoto agreement and any other such agreement and stating ” the proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing, or will in the forseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the earths atmosphere and disruption of the earth`s climate” (petition quotation).

As Dr Calvin Beisner national spokesperson for the Cornwall Alliance says we are indeed faced with one of the great deceptions that the world has ever witnessed. The instigator of Koyoto one Maurice Strong who now lives in communist Beijing has also been strongly associated with the New Age Movement as has Prince Charles. The New Age movement wants all economic growth in the West stopped! This whole deception is centred on the transfer of wealth, a central tenet of communism! It is noticable that the two countries the UK and the US who are strongly promoting this man made climate change falsehood are the two countries in the west who are suffering the most from considerable economic decline with unemployment in the US already at 10 percent and at about 8 percent in the UK. Many suspect that communist doctrines are playing a central role in this sad spectacle. Under the last Brown government climate policies we have seen massive transfers of finance from the UK even to other countries who are much wealthier than the UK. Strange policies indeed.

Environmentalism is not a neutral set of ideas that can be tacked onto the Christian faith without theological compromise. Instead environmentalism promotes its own world view and its own doctrines of God, creation, humanity, sin and salvation. These doctrines of environmentalism are anti-Bible. Listen to what
Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic and former President of the European Union had to say at the Heartland climate conference held in New York in 2009. He said referring to the supporters of antropogenic(man made) global warming he said “they are not able to explain why the global temperature increased from 1918 to 1940, decreased from 1940-1976, increased from 1976-1998, and has decreased from 1998 to the present, irrespective of the fact that the people have been adding increasing amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere”. He went on to say “environmentalists-even mainstream environmentalists are less concerned about any crisis posed by global warming than they are eager to command human behaviour and restrict economic activity (...) their true plans and ambitions: to stop economic development and return mankind centuries back (...) they are interested in their businesses and their profits made with the help of politicians”.

The Cornwall Alliance
For Christians who are interested in obtaining this new book revealing the great deception then please contact the Cornwall Alliance which is America`s leading voice of faith on stewartship issues. or The Cornwall Alliance for the stewartship of creation is a network of evangelical clergy, theologians, religious leaders, scientists, economists and policy experts committed to bringing a Biblical view of stewartship to the critical issues of the environment. This new book is recommended by
Rev Richard S Courtney
Methodist minister and consultant to the UK government and the UK and
European parliaments on energy and the environment and an expert reviewer of the IPCC.
It was my priviledge to share a platform at the Heartland Institute 4th International climate change conference in Chicago this May with Dr Calvin Beisner the national spokesperson of the Cornwall Alliance in the US. And I would highly recommend this book to all Christians. The green gospel is already infiltrating some churches. Be ready to answer when you come up against the great deception.

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  1. Huh?

    "Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a gas essential for human breathing and for plant growth."

    Last time I checked, I was exhaling CO2, thanks to my highly evolved ability to respire sugars, which were photosynthesized by plants out of CO2. How exactly is CO2 essential for breathing? You mean like oxygen? I don't think so.

    And carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping, greenhouse gas last time I checked. We are burning through fossil fuels faster than it took to form them, and last time I checked, plants were not photosynthesizing that much faster now versus when those coal, oil, and gas deposits were created. And how much faster are we burning them (than the time it took to make them)?

    Well, we can burn through a mountain of coal in 10 years. It probably took more than 1 million years to form that mountain of coal. So let's do the math: 1,000,000 divided by 10 equals 100,000.

    I guess all this anthropogenic global warming stuff really comes down to the real fraud being done to the American public: plants can now photosynthesize 100,000 times faster than they used to when they evolved 400 million years ago. Oh, and that organic matter now turns into coal 100,000 times faster than it used to back in the Carboniferous >250 million years ago.

    Now it's abundantly clear. What the scientists and experts forgot to tell us is that we're all good: biology and chemistry and physics is all cranking 100,000 times faster nowadays.

    I don't think so... sunlight can only turn into a sugar so fast; that sugar can turn into coal only so fast.

    Think, folks. If you use yesterday's or last summer's sunshine, we're good. If you insist on using (or are forced to use) sunshine from 60 or 250 million years ago, there's an inherent imbalance in how quickly we are converting sunshine-->sugar-->carbon dioxide versus running the equation backward as CO2-->sugar.