Monday, 1 November 2010

Scientist involved in Kiwigate climate scandal linked to CRU at University of East Anglia in England

        It has been reported by Andrew Bolt in the Australian Herald Sun of 26 November 2009 that the scientist who made the temperature "adjustments" in the New Zealand temperature record is Jim Salinger a lead author in the IPCC who originally worked at the ClimateResearch Unit of the University of East Anglia. kiwigate and Climategate at CRU are linked and as O`Sullivan points out there are three distinct similarities between the CRU climagate affair and this new Kiwigate scandal.  First the scientists involved declined to submit their data for independent analysis.  Second when backed into a corner they claimed their temperature adjustments had been lost.  Third the raw temperature data itself showed no warming trend.  (Report by John O`Sullivan in www.suite101 26 April 2010).   The New Zealand government has now completely adandoned its "official" temperature record!

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