Saturday, 28 April 2012

US Businessman Donald Trump attacks wind farms and man made climate change in appearance at Scottish parliament in Edinburght

              In a dramatic appearance before a committee of the Scottish Parliament in the past week US businessman Donald Trump said that wind farms will destroy tourism.   He is in opposition to a wind farm development off the Aberdeen coast where he is soon to open a new golf course.  He said that climate change is not mad made and and renewable targets are "phoney".  He has got the ire of the political fanatics and their media allies who support the climate hoax.    Regarding off shore wind farms a judge in the US recently upheld objectors to such a development on the grounds it could be a hazard to aircraft flying by sight, in addition to submarines and other ships.              
                As well as the hazards to aircraft and shipping caused by off shore wind farms the climate zealots supporting the hoax are also keen to push for carbon dioxide storage in off shore undersea caverns. Rev Philip Foster in the UK has also outlined what he calls the bone headed stupidity  of burying carbon dioxide( a gas essential for life!) promoted by the BBC.  Foster says

         " carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless, non poisonous and relatively dense gas.  It is quite different from carbon monoxide  which is highly toxic.  Why bury essential food?  It is like burning wheat in front of starving people.  All plants are currently existing on starvation rations of CO2, as levels are the lowest they have been for 300 million years.   Pumping CO2 into old oil and gas wells out at sea is utter madness.  Although it is a relatively heavy gas it will leak out-explosively!    The result will be catastrophic for shipping anywhere in the area.  Ships lose boyancy in water filled with gas bubbles and sink like stones. This activity also contravenes international laws about dumping waste at sea.   Since the eco-fascists believe that CO2 is a pollutant they are hoist on their own petard"   Well said Rev Foster.                                                

Reminder:  an excellent recent book is "The Greatest Hoax" by US Senator James Inhofe published by WND Books Washington DC  with endorsements by Honorable Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic, Joe Bast President of the Heartland Institute,  Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT and Dr Harrison Schmitt  former US Senator, geologist and Apollo 17 astronaught.  An outstanding exposure of the climate hoax.

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