Saturday, 14 April 2012

Piers Corbyn London`s leading climate astrophysicist dismembers latest Nature and BBC"CO2 drives climate" claim as Dishonest, Delusional and Dangerous. ure and BBC

                 Piers Corbyn reports that the warmist climate deniers have been desperately trying for a decade to "hide the rise" in observed ocean and Antarctic temperatures which precedes the rise in world CO2 levels at the end of ice ages.(see  He says that the Antarctic temperatures are a measure of the temperature of the surrounding largest water mass in the world--the southern ocean and the south halves of the Pacific , Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  When this warms CO2 is slowly released with a delay of about 800 years..  General southern and equatorial ocean and land warming continues and the Arctic (Greenland) warms up rapidly later.  By lumping the north and south hemispheres the authors of the Nature paper (Shakun et al) conceal the physical sequence of events using a trick to "hide the rise" of the southern ocean.  Their silly wrong assumption is that the whole of the Antarctic and Southern oceans warm up in response to increases in CO2 which has yet to take place 800 years in the future!. There is much less sea in the northern hemisphere to emit or absorb CO2.  The Arctic(Greenland) and Antarctic O18 time series are exactly in phase during cooling but when warming it is only the Arctic (Greenland) which has abrupt warming. (see paper by Steig and Alley).   Shakun et al is total make believe science! (regarding warming at present the earth is cooling with no global warming for fifteen years,  even Dr Jones of the UEA has admitted as much!).  The Arctic warms up after the Antarctic!
    (see Phase relationships between Antarctic and Greenland climate records by E J Steig and RB Alley Annals of glaciology 35  2002).  This shows that the Antarctic warms first releasing CO2 slowly from the oceans followed by the Arctic(Greenland))

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