Saturday, 5 March 2011

Second NASA global warming satellite explodes! Mystery deepens!

          American  lawyer John O`Sullivan reports on the mysterious explosion of a second NASA global warming satellite. This a crucial global warming measuring satellite which was to measure how small airborne particles in the atmosphere affect the earth`s climate. It exploded shortly after take off from the Vandenburg Air Force Base in California.   The onboard orbiting carbon observatory (OCO) was designed to be instrumental in finally settling the global warming debate. The satellite would have been able to show exactly how much energy is falling from the sun to earth. Scientists could have precisely calculated how much if at all, human emissions of carbon dioxide were altering the climate and may have given final proof that man made global warming was a hoax. The first OCO also exploded in 2009 in similar strange circumstances!  Two explosions in less than two years!     (see

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