Monday, 28 February 2011

Green politics takes a hit. Opinion Surveys

    In the general election in the Irish Republic all six Green party members of the Dail lost their seats.  Previously the President of the Irish Farmers Union John Bryan had said that the policies of the Green Party on agriculture would derail the Republic`s economic recovery by imposing unrealistic restrictions that would destroy the potential of the  agri food sector to deliver exports and jobs.

    A Scientific American survey involving interviewing thousands has found that 77 percent of those interviewed said that climate change is a natural phenomenon, while a staggering 83 percent said that the IPCC was corrupt.
(UK government take note!).

   The Public Service Broadcasting Trust commissioned a survey on global warming among young people in UK
towards the end of 2010. The survey involved over 3000 young people and was conducted by ITV Fixers. The survey showed that climate change came last in the priorities of the young people. The survey showed they were more concerned about their financial futures..  It was one of the largest surveys of youth opinion ever conducted in the UK.

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