Thursday, 31 March 2011

Green policies and industrial decline. EU energy commissioner attacks politicians

                Just as the EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger has attacked the German government because of high taxes and green levies on energy the UK is also faced with the same strategy from the Cameron government.  Herr Oettinger warned Germany about industrial decline because of  eco  subsidies from taxpayers. As far as we in the UK are concerned consumers will face big rises in utilities bills as a result of the
chancellor Mr Osborne`s unfair taxes on energy companies. The UK will be the first country in the world to introduce such draconian unnecessary measures as a carbon tax on energy companies which will put British companies at an unfair disadvantage compared to their competitors in other countries.  No such measures for China or India or Russia or even the US!   UK consumer groups say that these taxes will inevitably be passed on to consumers with big increases in consumer electricity bills. The Times(26 March) quotes Ann Robinson director of consumer policy at the comparison website as saying "what is clear is that consumers are paying the price for a disjointed and incoherent energy policy which is allowing stealth taxes and expensive extras to sneak into our energy bills. This investment(green) is beginning to look like a runaway train that will start to make energy increasingly unaffordable in this country"   What a shocking indictment of government green energy policy. It is clear that consumers and not the energy companies will bear the cost of this mad policy.A policy that Lord Lawson has correctly referred to as an anti growth policy.

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