Monday, 9 March 2015

Swiss voters reject carbon tax in referendum. Massive 92 percent rejection! Green party defeat.   A proposal to introduce a carbon tax in Switzerland has been massively defeated in a Swiaa referendum.  the most decisive vote in Swiaa political history.   Clearly the Swiaa electorate will have none of the Green nonsense.   the Green party won only 8 percent of the vote!  The biggest Green defeat in modern history.    The turn out was the long term average over 40 percent.  The Swiss parliament, even the government, the business community and the 28 cantons in Switzerland had all; come out against it.
In spite of this several green politicians said efforts have to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to a more sustainable energy use.  The Green party has clearly undermined its credibility in Switzerland.
                     Note: the most recent scientific paper by D Bozhinoval et al,  Meteorology and Air Quality Group from Wageningen University, Netherlands Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht have found that only 3.75% of atmospheric CO2 is man made.  The rest 96.25% they find comes from land use changes and natural sources such as plant respiration and ocean outgassing. (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 1q4, 7273-7290, 2014).

Lecture by Professor Murry Salby on Atmospheric CO2 Central London UK  17 March.
Title: Control of Atmospheric CO2  Tuesday 17 March  Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street  SW1P 3DW   7.00 for 7.30pm.  Directions: Westminster Tube.  Then ten minute walk past parliament, turn right up Great Peter Street, Marsham Street is 4th on left.

             (Professor Salby`s new research applies observed changes of climate and atmospheric tracers to resolve the budget of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  It reveals the mechanisms behind the evolution of CO2 ,including its increase during the 20th century.  the analysis determines the respective roles of human and natural sources of CO2, with an upper bound on the contribution from fossil fuel emission).

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