Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Hansen climate paper ridiculed by top scientists

                        The new climate paper just released by Dr James Hansen the well known alarmist from the Goddard Institute of Space Studies ,which supports AGW as the cause of recent climate changes,  has been ridiculed as seriously scientifically flawed and in complete contrast to the actual measured temperatures. Anthony Watts author of  the world`s top science blog (WUWT) has noted that the southern hemisphere data is missing.   The period chosen by Hansen 1955-1999 leaves out the warmer 1930`s and the cooler 2000`s.  Why?  The period from 2000 to the present has no statistically significant warming. Leaving that period out biases the presentation.   As for severe weather Hansen ignores the fact that neither tornadoes nor hurricanes have shown any increase recently..  NOAA`s SPC reported that July 2012 was a record low for tornadoes!
                       Dr Martin Hoerling NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Chief meteorologist and lead author of the US Climate Change Science Plan Assessment Report, said that the Russian heat wave was natural.  He says "Dr Hansen`s new paper confuses drought, which is caused primarily by a lack of rainfall, with heat waves."   In an interview in the New York Times Hoerling rips apart the new Hansen paper.  He says about the Hansen paper "this is not a serious science paper.  It is mainly about perception, as indicated by the paper title.  Perception is not science!"  New York Times 6 August 2012.    Again Hoerling interviewed by Wynne Parry for LiveScience and reported on Fox News says " the weather pattern responsible would have happened regardless of human induced climate change"   Fox News 7 August 2012.

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