Friday, 15 June 2012

Doctored Data, not US Temperatures set a record this year.

    This is the heading of an article by James Taylor Senior fellow at the Heartland Institute Chicago on the 13 June edition of the online   He notes that raw temperature data shows that the US temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than today.  In fact raw temperature data shows a 80 year cooling trend in the US.(see above diagram).  Clearly NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmpspheric Administration) has been "doctoring" the raw temperatures.   Taylor goes on to say that doctoring real world temperature data is part of the alarmist strategy---one of acute deception to mislead the unwary!.  The alarmists who oversee the collection and reporting of the data simply erase the actual readings and substitute their own desired readings!   Older temperature readings are repeatedly made cooler to give the false impression today that the earth is warming. more recent temperature records from large cities and near airports should actually be adjusted downwards.  this should be to take account of the industrial growth in these areas over time and is a well known effect. So just as the UK Hadley Climate Centre has been adjusting temperatures downwards  in the crutem 4 data set(see older post in this blog) for temperatures before 1995, so NOAA in the US is also  doing the same alarmist trick of doctoring the temperatures to give the impression of a present world warming trend which in reality does not exist.  The Giss(Nasa Goddard Institute of Space Studies) image for the Iceland capital Rekavek showed a warming trend in January 2012, yet a few weeks earlier Giss had shown the same image of the same Iceland city as a cooling trend!

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