Thursday, 21 June 2012

thousands of women march in Rio at the UN Conference to protest against the "green economy"

         Canadian News Yahoo( that on Monday last thousands of women  representing social and farming movements in Brazil marched in central Rio at the UN environment conference to protest against the green economy.  Their banners said  " No to green capitalism!  Yes to people`s sovereignty.  this is a march against this Rio charade!"  All right thinking people will support these women in their attempt to expose what Professor Richard S J Tol, Professor of the Economics of Climate Change and lead author of the IPCC  has described as " the rotten heart" of the green IPCC, a movement that is leading to thousands of African Ugandans being driven from their lands in the name of carbon credits, Honduran farmers murdered,poverty worldwide and especially in under developed countries when politicians like President Obama deny African countries the right to build power plants to bring them out of poverty.  The green movement is anti science and anti God.  All right thinking people will expose this wicked evil movement.

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